Justice for Bubba Gutierrez Victim of Deadly Police Beating
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Justice for Bubba Gutierrez Victim of Deadly Police Beating

    1. Alice Augusta
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      Alice Augusta

      Brawley, CA

Two Imperial police officers were on duty in Imperial, CA, July 5, 2010. One of them had his girlfriend in his patrol car at 4am, against department policy, in a quiet residential neighborhood with his lights off. They were unsupervised.

Edmund "Bubba" Gutierrez, 22 years old, was on his way home from a 4th of July party when he was pulled over, handcuffed and arrested for suspicion of DUI. Edmund, who had never been in a fight in his life, would then be Tasered 15 times in a 9 minute period, pepper sprayed in his face and punched so hard in the face that the second officer broke his hand. These police then cancelled their request for assistance. They struck Bubba over and over with their steel batons as he called out for somebody to help him. According to the only independent witness, Bubba was on his back barely moving.

The medical examiner wrote in his report that there were eleven baton marks to his thighs knees and legs. He noted, however, he could not rule out more strikes to more sensitive parts of his body due to the number of abrasions and contusions covering his torso.

When paramedics arrived Bubba complained, "I can't breathe." Shortly thereafter, he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest and could not be resuscitated. His death was ruled a homicide. Our DA did not charge police. One of his reasons? 20 minutes elapsed from the end of the beating to Bubba's heart stopping. 20 minutes!

The investigation contains factual errors. Key witnesses, including the hospital emergency room staff, security guards and other medical professionals, that would have refuted the police officers' statements, were not interviewed.

The deputy supervising coroner failed to disclose to the public he was, currently, an appointed planning commissioner for the City of Imperial. Prior to the autopsy, this same deputy supervising coroner gave the medical examiner false information concerning the decedent's medical history and, more importantly, failed to disclose the victim's last words, "I can't breathe" to the medical examiner. We believe this hindered, influenced and prejudiced the medical examiner's ability to determine the cause of death. 

Edmund Michael Gutierrez was the nicest guy you'd ever meet. He was polite, respectful  and peaceful. He had a good job, an apartment, a roomate and a girlfriend. He had a close, loving family, a church family and many friends who love and miss him. These men will not get away with this vicious murder just because they are police. We pray for justice. We will fight for the truth.



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    1. All three DA investigators were ECPD officers when Granado was with ECPD.

      Alice Augusta
      Petition Organizer

      The ICSO deputy supervising coroner during Edmund's case, Charles Lucas, was and is a Planning Commissioner for the City of Imperial. This was never disclosed to the public.

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    • Lewis Jenkins EL CENTRO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Olive should abide by the same laws as citizens and receive the same punishments. These murderers should be imprisoned.

    • Linda Barragan GALT, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have respect for evryone including cops..but use of power and excessive force from any individual is not okay in any way, I along with others am currently dealing with the young man murdered By the name of Acension Herrera"Chonito" (age 17)who was shot and murdered in the South Sacramento area by police officials.

    • Color De Ley LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The Imperial Police Department is guilty of excessive force and filing false reports. Anybody that lives in the town should avoid driving around late at night without a witness or at the very least a video recording device. Whenever a local resident sees police misconduct they should document it and report it to the FBI under the term Color Of Law......

      Yours Truly,





      Color De Ley

    • Oscar Lopez HEBER, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      People appointed to be our voice, our protection, the wall between the just and the corrupt should answer to US! The very people they are appointed by!

    • Leon Adan PALM DESERT, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am against police brutality, and I hope that if this were ever happen to me, I would want my friends and family to fight for justice as well.


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