Justice for Arlo! NY Department of Health: Hold Owners Accountable for the Actions of their Dogs!
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Justice for Arlo! NY Department of Health: Hold Owners Accountable for the Actions of their Dogs!

    1. Lauren Schneider
    2. Petition by

      Lauren Schneider

      Brooklyn, NY

On June 5th 2013, at 10:20pm during our nightly leashed walk in Greenpoint Brooklyn, my dog, a Pomeranian named Arlo, was killed in an unprovoked dog attack on his first birthday. The owner of the other dog (a white German Shepherd) fled the scene after his dog quickly lunged at my dog and brutally attacked him, leaving me and my dying dog on the sidewalk. My beloved Arlo died in my arms on our way to an emergency vet. The most gentle, sweet, and loving being I've ever known was taken from me that night, and there has been no recourse for the owner of the other dog.


The entire attack was caught on camera and the identity of the dog owner has been confirmed. I have had multiple people come forward since the attack who have seen the owner not having control of their aggressive dog. This showcases that the owner knew their dog was aggressive but did not take the precautionary measures that were obviously needed, resulting in Arlo's death. When I contacted the NY Department of Health to inquire about a Dangerous Dog Hearing they stated since it was not a dog-on-human attack they would not allot me a hearing. This means the dog can continue to attack and kill other dogs without the owner being held accountable. Other dogs' lives are at stake, and who's to say that next time it won’t be a small child?


A major component of pet ownership is the responsibility to provide not only food, shelter and companionship, but training and education so that the dog, just like a child, learns appropriate behavior.

NY currently does not enforce dog owner accountability in unprovoked dog-on-dog attacks. Thus, dogs can continually attack and kill other dogs without the owners being forced to attend obedience training, muzzling their dog when in public spaces, neutering, maintaining an insurance policy on their dog, or covering medical expenses for injuries or death caused by the actions of their dog. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. 


ARLO'S LAW aims to enforce that victims of such incidents be granted a Dangerous Dog Hearing. It is only then that said rulings can be enforced and lives of other dogs can be protected. Dogs are family members not disposable pieces of property, their lives and safety must be taken into consideration. Since they cannot defend themselves, it is us who must act as their voice!



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    • Maja Pavlovic BELGRADE, SERBIA
      • 6 days ago

      I have little dog.

    • katya tepper LAKE WORTH, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      i have dogs, i love them

    • Josie Velez NEW YORK, NY
      • 3 months ago

      My friend's dog was killed in June 2014 by 2 pits, and the police, the Dept of Health, the Human Law Enforcement did nothing!!!

    • Melphine Fulwood CHARLESTON, SC
      • 6 months ago

      I have a Yorkie and at times it's very frustrating trying to find a safe environment(from large, sometimes unleashed, dogs) to take him for a walk.

    • alexandra pellegrino BROOKLYN, NY
      • 6 months ago

      I have a small dog like Arlo.


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