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Justice for a Pet, kindly sign this petition

    1. Lashitha Sanjeev
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      Lashitha Sanjeev

      Hyderabad, India

Target: Hon. Joseph S. Tate and Atty Jill Lawson
Sponsored by:  Caroline Watembach, Saving Furry Friends

On July 2nd 2008 animal control officers responded to a complaint of a foul odor coming from Mr Tyrell Suggs apartment. Upon investigation of Mr Suggs apartment his 3 year old male doberman pincher, named Omar was found dead inside of a closet, left with out food and water for weeks. Ironically enough, Omar was left  because Mr Suggs was in arrested and in jail. However, Mr Suggs had numberous opportunities  to make other arrangements for Omar. He could had informed the arresting officer that his dog was in the closet, he could have notified a family member or friend that Omar was there and asked them to care for him. He could have even  informed correctional officers about Omar. He could have even contacted us as our rescue is less than 5 miles from Mr Suggs home, we would have gladly taken him in.  Instead he chose to leave him there in a dark closet with no food, no water,forced to lay in his own waste with no way to escape. Death for this poor soul must have been a relief.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that the court punish Mr Suggs to the full extent that the law will allow. We also ask that the court take into consideration the suffering that Omar endured in the days and weeks that led up to his death. We further ask that court punish Mr Suggs to the full extent that the law will allow because there is a direct correlation between animal abuse and other crimes. People that abuse animals very seldom stop there.


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      • about 6 years ago

      This is such a sick tragedy and I gladly sign this petition to see Mr. Suggs get punished for his neglect of his dog...

    • Fran Carr CORINTH, KY
      • about 6 years ago

      I am making this commitment because I am an animal lover and pet owner. I can't imagine poor Omar's angst in his final days and I am grieved for him.

    • Vinod Bodhankar PUNE, INDIA
      • about 6 years ago

      Like M. Billy Keith, I think, we should know more about Mr Suggs.

      Nevertheless - if it is deliberate callousness and cruelty, he deserves to be punished at least with hours and hours of community service at a veterinary hospital. Let him pay back with hard work which benefits animals and not just our sense of injustice. This way there may awaken in him a spark of compassion. We must never lose Hope, Love and Charity.

    • Billy Keith FORT WORTH, TX
      • about 6 years ago

      I wish we knew more about Mr. Suggs.

    • Beth Smith MIDWEST, MI
      • about 6 years ago

      Done. It's time we started making people accountable for this kind of cruelty. The owner should surely be punished. I have to wonder, though, what if it had been a child? Wouldn't people also be calling for a measure of accountability from the arresting officers, the neighbors, even the mailman? One phone call might have changed everything.


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