Justice against Schenectady Police corruption
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Justice against Schenectady Police corruption

    1. Free Gibson
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      Free Gibson

      Schenectady, NY

We want Justice against the Schenectady police department. They’ve been getting away with corruption for years. Here we make a plea that the higher authorities or anyone within their powers (FBI or DOJ) will heroically help us with what Schenectady’s judicial system has failed to do. We want answers for wrongfully convicted drug offenders done by rewarding informants (drug addicts) with money, drugs, immunity and protection. They need to do their jobs and stop relying on these drug abusers who are unreliable and not credible because they themselves are criminals. In a recent case "Schenectady confidential drug informant pleads guilty to framing Scotia Smoke shop owner." James Slater falsely accused Shop owner Andrews of selling crack cocaine. The officers raided the shop arrested him and put him in jail. Thanks to his surveillance cameras showed Slater pull the drugs from his pants and took a picture of it on the store counter. He then gave the photos to police and testified at Grand Jury that he bought the drugs from Mr. Andrews. With out his proof he would have faced 20 years in prison. Where is the justice in this!! This is not the first time Schenectady Police have allowed these drug users/confidential informants set up innocent people, and it won't be the last if we don't demand change. This injustice stems right back to the case a year ago that started this petition. Gazette Headlines "Schenectady heroin dealer silent, gets 7 years". The judge begged Mr. Gibson to tell him who made the sale because he KNEW it wasn't him. He felt it so much he retrieved juror votes from the trash to see how they voted, a case where a juror cried when the verdict was read, another came forward saying they were outnumbered and pressured to vote. Taron Gibson was convicted based only on the identification of a confidential informant who testified at trial was abusing drugs. Out of 4 police officers not one could identify who the alleged dealer was. The judge proved with his confusion prosecutors didn't prove who made sale.... Yet Mr. Gibson was sent to prison away from his family hoping the appellate division does whats in the best interest of justice that Schenectady didnt!  We citizens must come together since our government repeatedly ignores our rights and acts if they are above the law. Lets help Free Mr. Gibson and other wrongfully accused innocent people. Please sign this petition because you can make a difference. Let your voice be heard!

Schenectady Mayor McCarthy
Justice against Schenectady Police corruption

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    • Peter Landy SCHENECTADY, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Rampant Police Corruption

    • Khalik Martin SCHENECTADY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      This topic is very important to me. Corruption and racial profiling has been has been around since I moved here in 99. Its time for change

    • Marcia Gaston SCHENECTADY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is important to me because any wrong unchallenged will continue and ultimately worsen.

      • almost 2 years ago

      To: Schenectady Mayor

      Justice against Schenectady Police corruption

      Cops in general deserve respect and honor. Not in Schenectady. These local cops are allowed to assault, rape, ridicule, setup, harass, defame, etc., the people of the Electric City. The politics in this particular small town allow them to get away atrocities perpetrated. There is nothing a citizen can do to get immediate relief. Gangs in this city COMBINED is NOTHING compared to the thugs in blue. Welcome to Schenectady. If you are a minority - good luck to you! This city needs to be rehauled. Politicians that have the best of intentions CANNOT get into office. This is a political network that only takes care of themselves.

      Schenectady Police and their level of corruption far supersedes that of almost any other department across the country for its size in a small town. Schenectady police means untouchable. Good luck to ANY citizen that challenges the system of corruption. Cops look you straight in the face and laugh if you mention that there is a justice system. The corruption extends to the city, legal system, and the agencies in place that are supposed to look out for the victims.

      Officers can assault women (and men) and get away with it. This system of corruption has been in place for decades. No matter where you turn you will basically be informed that there is nothing you can do. Families, friends, businesses are targeted should you attempt to stand up or speak out against this level of corruption.

      We encourage the humble and angry citizens of this city to stand up and fight. Stand up for your rights! Enough really is enough! No more. We see officers or commanding officers attempt to FINALLY make a difference but then they are REPLACED. This is a good old boy network with no regard to basic human rights. Example: The SPD had a 'relocation program' for its citizens. They basically round(ed) up people they believe(d) are undesirable and drive them to the sticks and drop them off, after throwing shoes in the trees/bushes in the dark.

      The past decade is most indicative of the true levels of corruption in terms of the news that is reported. Guess how many cops assault and abuse citizens and NOTHING is done in a timely manner? It is just too many. Honest and morally attuned officers eventually step over the line-blue peer pressure. The corruption will taint even the best officers because they have to work and survive in this system. More officers do cocaine in this city than there is availability. Evidence locker drugs hit the bars and hotels for cops to share with their cronies. Nothing is being done. A dirty cop's word against that of an honest citizen is always honored. It takes this city years, decades even, to terminate filth that do not deserve the honor of the tin pinned to their chest. This city has such potential... but will never attain the true greatness locals profess they have achieved. What a joke this local political system is.

      Stratton was right. DISBAND this local force, bring in the Guard, and start fresh. Get rid of the junkies, abusers, snakes, and trash from the department. We want to trust our officers and our politicians. Give us some reasons to do so. The new chief is not.

      "DEDICATED TO JUSTICE, PROTECTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW" This is supposed to be the motto. It is more like dedicated to protecting justice for the protection and defense of local law enforcement for the benefit of officers, family, friends, and businesses that play the SPD way.


      Another Disheartened Schenectady Local

      Too Afraid

    • debbie bienkowski SCHENECTADY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because we need to do what's right ...


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