Justice 4 Courtney - Treat Addiction as a Disease - Not Entertainment
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Justice 4 Courtney - Treat Addiction as a Disease - Not Entertainment

    1. Justice for Courtney
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      Justice for Courtney

      Fort Lauderdale, FL

This Petition is being generated to save the life of 20 year old heroin addict, Courtney, who was abused at the hands of A&E Intervention; specifically, interventionist, Donna Chavous of Intervention911.

Join us to hold Donna Chavous accountable for her unethical and dangerous conduct.  Join us to hold A&E Intervention Executive Producers accountable for subsequently covering up credible allegations of this abuse from the public.

Most Importantly! Tell A&E Intervention to give Courtney and her family the treatment promised to them for appearing on the show!

On March 05, 2012, Episode 10 - Courtney aired for the first time on national television. On March 08, 2012, Attorney Raymond G. Ferrero III, Esq. of Fort Lauderdale, FL informed A&E Executive Producers of specific abuses by Donna Chavous of Inervention911. Specifically, in the “Pre-Intervention” segment of the episode, interventionist, Donna Chavous, was filmed lying to Courtney's family. She claimed she had power under Florida law [The Florida Marchman Act] to have Courtney arrested on the day of the intervention, if she refused to enter treatment. Believing Ms. Chavous, the family was then subjected to a chaotic intervention, where members of the film crew and a family friend were literally thrown and dragged from a truck Courtney flees in immediately following Donna Chavous' fraudulent threat to have her arrested. As a lawyer handling Marchman Act cases for over a decade and an addiction advocate and educator, I stand by my assertion that (1) she lied to that family; and (2) doing so was wantonly reckless and dangerous.

A&E Executive Producers requested and the accepted a legal analysis of the film content and allegations of abuse by Donna Chavous. Following this they proceeded to systematically cover up the abuse of Courtney and her family. 

Courtney's family came to A&E Intervention desperate for professional help. To this day, Courtney has not received treatment despite pleas to A&E. A&E Intervention has failed to make good on their promise to Courtney's family to provide the very best intervention, treatment and recovery support for filming rights to their story.

By helping us reach our 100K signature goal you will help right this wrong and also prevent future abuse by any A&E Network employee, agent and/or independent contractor against any show participant(s). To learn the entire back-story:

Please read:

Attorney correspondence with A&E Executive Producers over abuse by interventionist Donna Chavous

Please read:

The 'Open Letter' to the treatment and recovery community against A&E abuse and cover-up

Together we can stop the exploitation of people struggling with the disease of addiction. We can hold A&E accountable for the content of this reality television program produce and sold to an estimated 100,000,000 households weekly on the backs of the infirmed and under the guise of documentary film-making.

Sign today and be heard like "Annie" (an addiction counselor from the UK), who wrote to tell us:

"We don't get that programme, or any even approaching it in the exploitation ranks, in the UK, but it seems that the addicts get a chance to go through rehab if they get filmed? i assume that they are all consenting adults, but here in the UK it does not count as consent if the person is under the influence of drugs, sex would be rape, marriage would be invalid, and to film a person for entertainment would be exploitation. the places i have worked have had a blanket policy of no contact between the media and our clients, and as workers we are only allowed to be interviewed or filmed under very specific circumstances, it's hard to believe that in the modern world that anyone would think that programme is ok."

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    1. I believe everyone's voice was heard! Thank you. A win for everyone!

      Justice for Courtney
      Petition Organizer
      A&E Pulls The Plug On 'Intervention'

      "Intervention" has been canceled. A&E will air the show's final five episodes this summer, beginning Thursday, June 13 at 9 p.m. ET. "As 'Intervention' comes to an end, we're proud to have paved the way for such an original and groundbreaking series," David McKillop, executive vice president of programming for A&E Network and BIO Channel, said in a statement.

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      Justice for Courtney
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      This effort will only succeed with your help! Tell A Friend Today!

      Just imagine what could happen, if everyone were willing to blast this petition out to their email contacts asking for support.

      I don't have to imagine...I did...and, that's why you're here!

      Thank you again.....

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    5. We have reached 28 signnatures!

      Justice for Courtney
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      Let's keep up the momentum!

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    7. A&E has pulled Season 12 - Episode 10 from their website!

      Justice for Courtney
      Petition Organizer

      However, A&E is still selling the episode on iTunes.

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    Reasons for signing

    • colette tozlosky TAMPA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      I believe that addiction should not be exploited and this country needs to realize that it is a mental illness.

    • Dawn Rogers TUCSON, AZ
      • over 1 year ago

      I have had my own nightmare with the "Medical Professionals" calling themselves Dr's. Addiction is a desease but addicts trying to get help have a nightmare baddele just asking for help. Dr's and mental health programs are not even a bandaids. A&E should make treatment available ASAP. Also the should make a monetary restitution for their hugely inhumane acts.

    • Deborah Bell ARCHBOLD, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      Addiction is a disease. Please help.

    • Hannah McLaughlin BEL AIR, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      Addiction is a diseas not entertainment. From my own experience i know that I would not want my personal info out there to the public!

    • Randy Valencia SILVER CITY, NM
      • about 2 years ago

      People promised help, should receive their help!! God Bless! :)


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