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"Just Say NO" to Importing 1000 Tons of Radioactive Waste from Germany

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      Citizens to End Nuclear Dumping in TN


Energy Solutions of Oak Ridge, TN, has applied to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to import up to 1000 tons of radioactive waste from Eckert and Ziegler Nuclitec, a German company that specializes in the collection, processing, and disposal of these materials from hospitals, research, and technical facilities throughout Europe and beyond.   Should the application be approved, Energy Solutions plans to incinerate dry material in its Bear Creek incinerator and return the remaining ash to Germany. The materials would be transported over a 5 year period beginning in 2011 by boat to Portsmouth or Norfolk, Virginia and by truck from there to Oak Ridge.   The Tennessee Division of Radiological Health has already approved the plan. They believe it is good business for Tennessee.

This is a terrible plan that will benefit only Energy Solutions. When nuclear waste is incinerated, it is not destroyed. Only the bulk is diminished, while the radiation is condensed. And in the process of burning, some of the radiation is vented into the atmosphere, where people unknowingly breathe in radionuclides. These can cause cancer. Also, people are exposed to radiation during the transportation of nuclear waste. These trucks will be traveling across Virginia and Tennessee.

Germany's waste is coming unless the public makes a loud outcry, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Italy is standing in line to be next, with its 20,000 tons of waste from their nuclear industry. Before we know it, our country's chief industry will be the processing of the world's nuclear waste. Are these the jobs we want for our citizens? Please act. Sign the petition and write and call your public officials. 

Written comments to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission can be sent by snail mail. Mail to: 
Office of the Secretary
U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission                
Washington, DC 20555
Attention:   Rulemaking and Adjudications

 Also please write President Obama and call your Senators and Representatives in Congress and let them know that you do not want radioactive waste to be IMPORTED into the USA.










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    2. Read the latest update on this situation in The Times Free Press:

    3. EnergySolutions Wants to Burn Germany's Radioactive Waste in Tennessee

      America has plenty of environmental health problems of its own to deal with. The last thing we need is to import some more from Europe.
      But that's exactly what a company called EnergySolutions proposes. The company hopes to accept a 1,000 ton...


    Reasons for signing

    • Mary-Margaret Ware MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      The U.S. must take care of its own radioactive waste but should never import radioactive waste to be burned, disposed of, or buried.

    • Angelika Roll BERLIN, GERMANY
      • over 3 years ago

      I had already signed in Dec 2010 but forgotten and just now returned to the petition. As a German I am outraged at this plan and my special thanks go to Jess L. for picking up this issue!

    • Phyllis Smith FT.WALTON BCH., FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Good business? What are they thinking? It is scary to believe this! Who got paid?

    • John Lorefice EAST MORICHES, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Renewable Energy Now!

    • terri Lloyd LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      In light of all the damage occurring in Japan, the idea of taking on someone else's radioactive waste is idiotic. This isn't good business, it's insanity. Why the fuck does the nuke industry and the powers that be continue their slow genocide on the american people? Enough. It simply ain't good business.


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