Just Do It, Damn It!
  • Petitioned Both Houses of Congress for R. 2766; S. 1215

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Both Houses of Congress for R. 2766; S. 1215
North Carolina Governor
President of the United States
North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

Just Do It, Damn It!

    1. Petition by

      Gabi Samuel

      Matthews, NC

Originally introduced to both houses of the US Congress in 2009, this Act is still not passed and the citizens of this country (for whom the Congress works) remain unprotected from the horrific consequences to their health, water supply and air. This failure to do what the citizens want and need, due to the lobbying and manipulation of corporate energy giants, motivated by greed, is criminal. The Act simply aims to define hydraulic fracturing as a federally regulated activity under the Safe Drinking Water Act. It would require the energy industry to disclose the chemicals it mixes with the water and sand it pumps underground in the hydraulic fracturing process (also known as fracking), information that has largely been protected as trade secrets. The government works for "we the people" and they need to pass this ACT NOW instead of doing nothing.

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