Junk the Cybercrime Prevention Law!
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Pres. Benigno Aquino III, the Supreme Court, and Congress

Junk the Cybercrime Prevention Law!

    1. Kabataan Partylist
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      Kabataan Partylist

      Quezon City, Philippines

The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 poses serious threats to Internet freedom, the right to privacy and other essential civil liberties including the freedom of speech, expression, and the press.

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    1. Black Tuesday protest vs e-Martial Law set on EDSA anniv

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      The #NotoCybercrimeLaw Alliance has set a “Black Tuesday” protest against the so-called “e-Martial Law” during the 28th anniversary of the EDSA People Power on February 25.

      The multisectoral protest action will be held at the EDSA Shrine at 3 p.m. this Tuesday.

      Read more: http://kabataanpartylist.com/blog/anti-cybercrime-law-petitioners-to-file-separate-appeals-before-sc/

    2. Anti-Cybercrime Law petitioners join forces to assail SC decision

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Various petitioners against Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 gathered once again to assail the recent Supreme Court decision on the law in question, saying that the high court’s ruling is “pockmarked with several erroneous decisions that pose even greater danger for Internet Freedom.”

      In the #NotoCybercrimeLaw Assembly arranged by Kabataan Partylist and Bloggers and Netizens for Democracy, petitioners representing students, academicians, the media, Internet advocates, bloggers, lawmakers and various other sectors of society expressed concerns over the SC’s recent ruling.

      Read more: http://kabataanpartylist.com/blog/anti-cybercrime-law-petitioners-join-forces-to-assail-sc-decision/

    3. TULOY ANG LABAN: Youth group dissatisfied with SC decision on Cybercrime

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon expressed discontent over the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, saying that even if the SC excised some portions of the law, it remains a “threat to Internet freedom.”

      While the SC on Tuesday striked down Sections 4(c)3, Section 19, and Section 12 as unconstitutional, the high court at the same time upheld most provisions of RA 10175, including online libel.

      Read more: http://kabataanpartylist.com/blog/tuloy-ang-laban-youth-group-dissatisfied-with-sc-decision-on-cybercrime-law/

    4. SC to decide with finality on constitutionality of RA 10175 tomorrow

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Tomorrow, February 18, the Supreme Court will decide on the constitutionality of RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. This information came from no less than SC Spokesperson Theodore Te.

      Now, more than ever, the utmost vigilance and mobilization of the public is needed to defeat the assailed law.

      As we await the SC decision on RA 10175, we again call on everyone to change our profile pictures and cover photos to black as a sign of our continuing resolve to defeat the Anti-Cybercrime Law.

      See these links for details:


    5. SC set to release decision on Cybercrime Law next week

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      The Supreme Court is set to release its decision on the assailed Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 this week, according to several sources in the SC who asked not to be identified for lack of authority to speak on the matter.

      “We have reliable information that the high court will decide on the Cybercrime Law in their en banc hearing this Tuesday in Baguio City. In this light, we call on everyone not just to remain vigilant, but also resume the online and offline protests,” said Kabataan Partylist President Terry Ridon, legal counsel of youth leaders who filed the sixth petition for prohibition against RA 10175.


    6. Global clamor for Cybercrime Law repeal intensifies with issuance of TRO

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Hours after news of the Supreme Court’s issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the implementation of Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Law of 2012, the global clamor for the total junking of the contentious law has further intensified, with thousands of netizens signing petitions against it.


    7. CYBERCRIME LAW 101: 12 dangers of RA 10175

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Notwithstanding the legal gibberish, how exactly could this new law affect your day-to-day Internet activities?


    8. Reached 75,000 signatures
    9. What exactly is wrong about RA 10175?

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Posting “offensive” statements online is now a criminal offense, as far as the controversial Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act (CPA) is concerned. Thanks to the CPA, every unsuspecting netizen is now a potential outlaw.

      Read more: http://www.philippinecollegian.org/system-error/

    10. Attend the public consultation on the Netizens Bill of Rights!

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      In a move to turn legislation on the Internet from being restrictive towards becoming responsive to the needs of netizens, Kabataan Partylist – the first and only youth representation in the House of Representatives – will be filing the Netizens Bill of Rights upon the resumption of Congress on October 8.

      In this light, we cordially invite you to a public consultation regarding the proposed legislation. The said event will be held tomorrow October 4, Thursday, 4:30- 7:00pm, in Sarmiento Room, UP College of Law.

      Your input in the said discussion will be a valuable contribution to the legislative review that Kabataan Partylist is conducting to ensure that the proposed bill would truly be responsive to the needs of Filipino netizens.

      To confirm attendance, click this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/477249672296116/

    11. Reached 50,000 signatures
    12. Take down your profile pictures!

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Today, October 2, the Supreme Court sitting en banc is set to hear several petitions for prohibition against the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

      If the high court junks these petitions and disapproves the request for a temporary restraining order (TRO), the Cybercrime Prevention Law will take effect the following day, forever changing the Internet landscape in the Philippines -- possibly even killing Internet freedom.

      As a sign of protest, please take down your profile pictures and cover photos and change it to a simple black image.

      We also call on website administrators in the Philippines to take down/blacken their websites starting 12 midnight in protest of the looming implementation of the draconian law. There are several plugins available in the net to do so (GIYF).

      With enough websites participating, we can be a formidable force that can compel the government to think twice.

      Junk the Cybercrime Law!

    13. Reached 20,000 signatures
    14. Pirate Bay supports our cause!

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Leading bittorrent site Pirate Bay has supported our cause! Guys at Pirate Bay even placed a link to our petition in their home page! Seeders and leechers alike, sign the petition!

      See article here: http://www.interaksyon.com/article/44465/pirate-bay-backs-pinoys-in-fight-vs-cybercrime-law

    15. Youth groups file broadest petition against Cybercrime Law in SC

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      We've voiced our concern against the Cybercrime Law in the Philippine Supreme Court! See article here:

      Continue inviting friends and colleagues (even your enemies, if you please!) to sign the online petition!

    16. Reached 17,500 signatures
    17. Youth partylist warns: DOJ can ban Facebook, Twitter with Cybercrime Law

      Kabataan Partylist
      Petition Organizer

      Did you know that the new Cybercrime Law grants DOJ the power to ban Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites? See this article:

    18. Reached 9,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 2 months ago

      Fuck Cybercrime law just a waste of time.

    • Jake Ibrahim BRYANS ROAD, MD
      • 2 months ago


    • Mary Philline Descalzo LEGAZPI CITY, PH, PHILIPPINES
      • 4 months ago

      It is an outright violation to our freedom of expression. It is oppressive and is a possible venue for abuse by the authorities.

    • Joshua Daniele Clemente ILOILO CITY, PHILIPPINES
      • 5 months ago

      Because this law affects everbody who has knowledge of the Internet, Good and Bad.

      • 7 months ago

      Karapatan ng bawat Pilipinong mag decision para sa ikaka-buti ng bansa


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