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Stop The Live Cattle Trade #BanLiveExport

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      Animals Australia

Last year the Gillard government gave the live export industry a second chance that it didn't deserve -- and reopened the live cattle trade to Indonesia despite overwhelming calls from the community for the trade to be permanently banned.

We were promised that a new 'regulatory framework' would protect Australian cattle from ever again being abused in Indonesia abattoirs but new footage from Indonesia reveals how hollow that promise was. Knowing that local abattoirs would be warned to be on the lookout for Australian animal cruelty investigators -- Animals Australia engaged an Indonesian investigator to visit three abattoirs in Jakarta.

What he documented there over three nights has again shocked and appalled Australians and has conclusively proven that the new 'system' will in no way protect Australian cattle from cruelty on a nightly basis. Animals Australia has lodged an official complaint with the Gillard government highlighting that the evidence provided contains 61 different breaches of the basic standards expected from workers in abattoirs -- including not checking that cattle were dead before they were being butchered.

This further evidence again conclusively proves that Australia cannot ensure the well-being of exported animals in importing countries -- especially where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. It also reveals once again the immoral nature of Australia's live exporters who continue to reap profits from animal cruelty.

Australians overwhelmingly want live export to end. The Gillard government is out of excuses -- since they are unable to guarantee to the Australian community that exported animals will be treated humanely -- this trade must end.

Please tell Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig that no amount of profit, excuses or justification can excuse continued government support of this industry.

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    • Jasmyn Coombe AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      Because the treatment of these animals is disgusting and we should be ashamed to export them to that.

    • Kaycee Marchant VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 4 months ago

      This is blatant abuse. We need to be able to choose where and how we purchase our dairy products.

    • Lloyd Gade DROUIN, AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      What happens to these animals is stomach turning . The bastards need their own throats cut and id happily do it

    • joan bates COLLINSVILLE, IL
      • 7 months ago

      its cruel inhumane and must not be tolerated by a civilized world

    • catherine nguyen SAINT-MéDARD-EN-JALLES, FRANCE
      • 9 months ago

      Serait-il possible qu'un jour je cessent ces cruautés d'un autre temps. Et s'il est de votre pouvoir de participer à cet arrêt je vous en remercie au nom du respect des animaux et de l'intelligence de l'être humain.


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