Remove Judge Lisa Davidson from Office
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Judge Brevard County Florida 18th Judicial Circuit Court
Judge Lisa R . Davisdson

Remove Judge Lisa Davidson from Office

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      Military Mother

I am a military mother with 11 years of active duty service.  Because I have served in locations that are hostile in nature and unable to have my daughter in a WAR ZONE and due to a spinal fusion procedure I received I have lost custody of my daughter to this sorry excuse of a person.  I spent over 4 years fighting in court for my daughter, my ex-husband who sends my daughter away to anyone who will watch her has been awarded full custody.  My ex will send my child to his sisters one of whome was a prostitute in Nevada (which is apprently legal), and the other who is a convicted felon in the state of Florida in Sarasota, County due to drugs. After extensive legal fees and numerous times to ask the judge to recuse herself due to her showing a bias in court procedings this is what I am left with.  No rights to my daughter unless my ex-husband allows it.  This is a petty individual who has supposedly gotten the 'care provider' pregnant while we were still legally married.  Took me to court while I was deployed and had Judge Davidson grant a garnishment order for Child Support although my daughter was in the care of my parents in the state of Texas, and he was behind in child support to my child due to him 'paying his legal fees'  all of which are in the final judgement.  I didn't receive notification of owed child support until I was on my way back to the United Kingdom and had to see my commanders due to this issue. 

Judge Davidson openly shows a negative bias towards military mothers and instead allows a minor child to have an 'emotional attachment' towards a care provider rather than her own mother.  She obviously does not care about the well-being of a child, especially a military child.

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    • Renie Galindo PORT LAVACA, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Michelle is my cousin & I dont believe she deserves to get her daughter taken away from her.On another note she has served for our country & this is how they help her back!!!!!!!


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