JPMorgan Chase: Stop Investing in Companies that Support Genocide
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JPMorgan Chase: Stop Investing in Companies that Support Genocide

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      Investors Against Genocide

On May 17, shareholders at JPMorgan Chase will vote on whether or not the company should make an effort to avoid investments in companies that substantially contribute to genocide or crimes against humanity.

The choice seems obvious.  But JPMorgan Chase (JPM) opposes the proposal and tells shareholders that they should vote against it.  JPM says it already factors human rights issues into its decision-making, even though it owns about 5% of the outstanding shares of PetroChina, worth $1.3 billion.  PetroChina, through its closely related parent, China National Petroleum Company, is internationally recognized as the worst offender helping fund the Government of Sudan's genocide in Darfur.

You can help influence JPMorgan Chase on this important issue. Are you a JPMorgan customer? Do you have a Chase credit card or bank account?  If not, you are still a potential customer.  Your opinion matters to JPMorgan Chase.

Research has shown that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to having their savings tied to genocide. Your voice matters.

Please sign the petition telling Jamie Dimon, the head of JPM, that the public wants the company to adopt a genocide-free investing policy.  Read more details about this important vote here.

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    1. Reached 7,500 signatures
    2. Genocide-Free Investing Gains Momentum at JPMorgan Chase

      Shareholder Vote Boosts Campaign by Investors Against Genocide.
      The shareholder proposal on "Genocide-free investing" earned 7.69 percent of the vote at today's JPMorgan Chase shareholder meeting. The favorable vote is more than double the 3%...

    3. Shareholder Activists Push for Genocide Vote

    4. Advertisements Highlight the Connection Between Investments and Genocide

    5. Genocide and JPMorgan Chase

      A week before JPMorgan Chase shareholders vote at their annual meeting on a genocide-free investing proposal, Investors Against Genocide (IAG) has launched a communications campaign featuring a dramatic print advertisement in The Wall Street Journal...

    6. Reached 6 signatures
    7. NPR has picked up Laura Heaton's excellent post on this campaign

    8. Reached 3 signatures
    9. The Enough Project helps spread the word about the campaign to get JPMorgan Chase to do genocide-free investing

    10. “Americans, once they become aware, do not want their pensions and family savings connected to genocide”

    11. Reached 2 signatures
    12. JPMorgan CEO Dimon's pay jumps to $20.8 million

    13. Reached 2 signatures
    14. Learn more about genocide free investing and how shareholder action can make a difference

    15. Reached 1 signatures
    16. Firedoglake blog covers 3 reasons boards like JPMorgan's don't support human rights proposals

    17. Reached 1 signatures
    18. The Wall Street Journal has covered the campaign!

    19. Reached 750 signatures
    20. Genocide-Free Investing? JPMorgan Chase Isn't So Sure It’s Necessary

      If you knew your family savings or retirement funds were financing a government’s genocidal campaign, would you keep sending money?
      JPMorgan Chase is faced with this question right now.
      Next month, JPMorgan Chase’s shareholders will decide...

    21. Reached 250 signatures
    22. The campaign is getting massive media coverage, from Business Week and (see below) to Bloomberg:

    23. Business Week:

    24. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Michelle Devlin HOUSTON, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      Stop genocide-investing policies please. Promote peace and humanitarianism.

    • Tony Magliano RISING SUN, MD
      • over 3 years ago

      As a holder, and frequent user of a Chase credit card, I urge you to please honor our request.

    • Donna Bransford OAKLAND, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I am a Chase customer and I am outraged that Chase is using my money to help fund genocide in Darfur. Chase customers want you to adopt a genocide-free investing policy now!

    • John Mark Robertson BELLEVILLE, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      Being involved in genocide, even if indirectly, is not a good selling point.

    • Mark Aalfs SEATTLE, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Please walk your talk, act on your stated core values of the protection of human rights, and STOP helping to fund genocide. Make international business a force for good, not evil.


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