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Jorelys Law
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A Child is Missing
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Jorelys Law

    1. Petition by

      Terri Arnold

      Woodstock, GA

It appears that several of the smaller City Police Departments do not have officers specialized in the handling of Missing Child Cases which have resulted in belated response of the FBI and specialized government agents to come onto the scene. Children who may be abducted in similar circumstances will have less chances of being found! A delay in calling in specially trained enforcement when faced with Jorelys Rivera left gaps in finding this child in a timely manner!

Requiring each and every city and state government to employ a specialized department will prevent delays that could save a child's life! Each and every city and county should have administrators ON HAND with the programmatic framework to manage a missing-child response within their agency’s jurisdiction!

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      Terri Arnold
      Petition Organizer

      Here is the investigative report conducted about the handling of this case -! I'd be willing to bet there are hundreds - maybe even thousands of cases with the same stories! If you support this cause - please help make a difference!

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    3. Mistake made during Rivera investigation

      Terri Arnold
      Petition Organizer

      The two uniformed deputies, one a trainee and another a 3-year veteran, were assisting in the search for the girl who had disappeared Dec. 2 from the River Ridge apartment complex playground.

      Rivera's body was found three days later in an industrial trash compactor. Police say she had been sexually assaulted, stabbed and beaten.

    4. Mayor of Canton calls for inquiry into investigation

      Terri Arnold
      Petition Organizer

      CANTON — Canton Mayor Gene Hobgood wants an inquiry into how the Canton Police Department handled the death of Jorelys Rivera.

      Hobgood asked City Manager Scott Wood to secure a third party “unbiased professional” to review the Police Department’s actions in the hours and days after Jorelys, 7, was reported missing.

      “In just the past few days, some concern has been expressed as to how the investigation was conducted on behalf of our Police Department,” he said.

      Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Mayor of Canton calls for inquiry into investigation

    5. Error in Search for Jorelys

      Terri Arnold
      Petition Organizer

      Jorelys was abducted at about 5 p.m. Dec. 2 near a playground at the River Ridge at Canton apartment community. The Canton Police Department, which spearheaded the search and has faced a barrage of criticism over how it handled things, did not call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Child Abduction Response Team until Dec. 4.

      In his strongest words since the search for Jorelys began, Garrison said today that "the CART team should have been activated overnight.

      "They should have been in place early Saturday morning (Dec. 3). And if all those things had taken place, we would not be standing here having this conversation about the actions of that deputy."

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    7. Media Coverage

      Terri Arnold
      Petition Organizer

      Cherokee County Sheriff's Officers were not even 1st responders to this incident!
      A Cherokee County sheriff’s deputy could face suspension and a pay cut over the search for a missing girl who turned up dead.
      Seven-year-old Jorelys Rivera was missing for nearly three days before investigators found her in a Dumpster earlier this month. She was raped, stabbed and beaten by a maintenance worker, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
      "I'm very disappointed that I have to stand here and discipline this police officer," said Sheriff Roger Garrison.
      The deputy faces a 36 hour suspension and will get a five percent pay cut for one year after a mistake he made with a trainee during the search for Rivera. Authorities said the pair cleared a vacant apartment at the River Edge Apartment complex that turned out to be where Rivera was killed. Neither told anyone about the blood they saw inside, Garrison said.

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