Join The Voice’s 'Enough is Enough: Get Onside' campaign to pressure the FA & government into taking action to address institutional racism in football
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The FA and the UK Government

Join The Voice’s 'Enough is Enough: Get Onside' campaign to pressure the FA & government into taking action to address institutional racism in football

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Over the past year, there have been back-to-back instances of racism in football from the lower leagues to the Premier League, at home and abroad, on the pitch and online.

We hear politicians and the FA talking, but we have not seen enough action to match it. That is why we have launched our Enough is Enough - Get Onside campaign.

In March 2012, the Government's Culture, Media and Sport Committee examined the issue and concluded that while the atmosphere at football stadiums had improved "significant problems remain" when it comes to racism. It urged the Football Association (FA) to take the lead on setting an example, and made a number of recommendations to address the problem.

A key solution was to increase the diversity of the pool of candidates for coaches and referees, to embed values of equality at all levels.

We applaud the Government for its report, but it means nothing unless they pressure the FA for results.

We believe the FA approach to racism is one of being seen to act, rather than acting because they believe in the cause. While we welcome news that the FA plans to review the sanctions it imposes for racist abuse, this is only treating the symptoms, not tackling the cause.

The FA needs to take a long hard look at its own organisation which critically lacks diversity. The old boys club mentality must change.

The FA must become more transparent, which is why we support ongoing campaigns for it to be included in the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act alongside other sports bodies like the British Olympic Association.

Please join this campaign if you have had enough of racism in football, and want to see the UK Government and the FA to stand up for British football players and help to address racism in football.

Every signature counts and we are pledging to campaign on this issue in our newspaper, working with organisations like the PFA and Kick It Out, until we see a result.

The Voice does not want empty promises and knee-jerk reactions made in the heat of the moment, we want lasting change that will really make a difference.


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    2. PM David Cameron backs a tougher approach to racism in football

      The Voice Newspaper
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      PM 'understands' concerns of Voice anti-racism campaign | The Voice Online

      THE GOVERNMENT is keeping a close eye on the continuing controversies of racism in football and the apparent disillusionment of some at how the game's governing bodies have handled the fallout. Prime minister David Cameron is understood to want football authorities to take a more hardline approach in clamping down on racist incidents, like those of the past 12-months which have sullied the sport's reputation.

    3. The Voice asks the public what they think of the Rooney Rule

      The Voice Newspaper
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      Should the 'Rooney Rule' come to England? | The Voice Online

      October 31: The Voice's Bart Chan travels to Stamford Bridge to report on the evening's League Cup clash between Chelsea and Manchester United, but before entering the accommodating confines of the press zone, he talks with fans outside the ground about the idea of introducing the 'Rooney Rule.'

    4. The Voice catches up with Peter Herbert of the Society of Black Lawyers

      The Voice Newspaper
      Petition Organizer

      Peter Herbert talks Black Players Union & racism in football | The Voice Online

      THE VOICE Newspaper caught up with Peter Herbert to talk about his involvement with Premier League footballers, an impending black players union and his thoughts on institutionalised racism in the game.

    5. The Voice is calling for:

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      - implementation of a UK equivalent of the Rooney Rule established in 2003 by Dan Rooney, owner of NFL team the Pittsburg Steelers, to ensure appropriately-qualified black candidates were shortlisted for coaching and managerial positions. This measure removes barriers or discrimination that prevent black or ethnic minority candidates from being employed.

      - greater diversity within the FA's managerial structure. The FA appointed its first female and BME board member, Heather Rabbatts, in 2012. England women's national coach Hope Powell is the only BME member on its senior management team. We want more diversity at every level.

      - the FA to be subject to Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation. We think this will help encourage transparency.

      - stiffer fines for players and their clubs if found guilty of racism. For second offences, points deducted from club.

      - lifetime bans for fans who abuse players from the stands or via social networking sites

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    Reasons for signing

      • 9 months ago

      This idiocy within football has been going on for too long and it's time to take serious action to stamp it out

      • 10 months ago

      because racist, paedophiles, all sex offenders and bullies should be made to work as slaves until the day they die

      • 11 months ago

      the community has to be able to make the government & the judiciary aware of our expectations in relation to sentencing .

    • Kathy-Ann Mark-Evans ASHFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      It is about time footballers grow up and so being so ignorant in todays society.

    • Graeme Braddock MARCH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      Racism and sexism should be extinct by know, but these bigots in parliament and in the FA don't want that at all. All they want is money and power, so they can keep us quiet and in the dark. If we shout loud enough and take more action, then we can force the FA and the parliament to do something that will last forever.


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