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Join the Movement for Better Schools in Illinois

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The Illinois school system is in crisis, and our schools are failing our children.

Chicago public schools have the shortest school day of any major city’s school district with only 6% of their students graduating from college and statewide just 20% of Illinois students will receive a college degree by age 25.

This means hundreds of thousands of students are being handicapped from a successful life.

We can do better for our students.

Join Performance Counts in the fight to improve Illinois schools. Our policy will:

1.       Create a system that truly values the teaching profession

2.       Protect student learning time during contract negotiations

3.       Keep the best teachers in the classroom by making performance a factor in personnel decisions

Stand up for our children. Sign the petition to build better schools in Illinois.

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Performance Counts in their fight to ensure every Illinois student receives a great education.

By using performance as a factor in personnel decisions, we can ensure the best teachers remain in the classroom where they belong.

We can, and must, do better for our students.

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