Join the 2011 Boycott to Save Seals
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Join the boycott, help stop the hunt

Join the 2011 Boycott to Save Seals

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      The Humane Society of The United States

Hundreds of thousands of harp seal pups are in danger of being slaughtered within days on the ice floes of Eastern Canada. The Canadian government -- undeterred by seal pups drowning in their melting habitat -- has sanctioned even more killing this year.

It’s the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet.

It is up to every one of us to send the Canadian fishing industry a message they can’t ignore: stop killing defenseless seal pups, or we’ll put you out of business.

Why boycott Canadian seafood? Because it works. Canada’s commercial fishing industry hunts baby seals during the off-season, selling fur for a tiny fraction of the industry's overall profit. Seafood -- like snow crabs, cod, and cold water shrimp -- make up the lion’s share of their revenue, and in the past 6 years that we’ve refused to support their cruelty, the industry’s bottom line has taken a nosedive.

To add to the crisis, depleted sea ice is forcing seals to give birth months early on land in Canada and the seal pup population has already taken a hit from predation and starvation.

In an astonishingly irresponsible move, Canada just announced an increase in the quota of seals by 20% from last year -- which includes the highest harp seal quota in 40 years. That means hunters have the green light to kill a total of 468,000 seals this year. No responsible government can allow a commercial slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals without understanding the full environmental impact of the ice melt.

Please take action today and join the boycott of seafood from Canada fisheries.

YOU, Join the boycott, help stop the hunt
I pledge not to buy Canadian seafood -- like snow crabs, cod, and cold water shrimp -- as long as Canada's fishing industry continues its slaughter of baby seals!

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    Reasons for signing

      • over 3 years ago

      OMG - are you barbarians?? STOP this insanity!!!!

    • Michael T. Tiedemann POUGHKEEPSIE, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Save ALL animals! Go Vegan!

    • Judy Richardson ARBORG, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      What a travesty, and a huge embarrassment for me as a Canadian citizen. Please end this cruel, horrendous "hunt". Not only it is too horrible for words, but it doesn't make sense financially.

    • deadra ullman WILLIAMSBURG, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      I have been boycotting Canadian seafood and will continue to do so until the harp seal killing ends.

    • Suzanna van der Voort MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS
      • over 3 years ago

      Canada: stop the bloody shame and don't plunge your hands in the blood of the innocents. Change YOUR human way of living and diet, and the oceans will give you life back and don't blame marine mammals of declining of seafood


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