Join Diana DeGette: Tell Congress to pass the FRAC Act
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Join Diana DeGette: Tell Congress to pass the FRAC Act

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      Rep. Diana DeGette for Congress

Thanks to the "Halliburton Loophole" put in place by the Bush/Cheney administration, we don't have any right to know which chemicals may be polluting our drinking water.

Hydraulic fracturing, known as "fracking," is an increasingly common method of drilling for natural gas.  Highly pressurized fluids mixed with toxic chemicals are blasted deep beneath the earth's surface in order to force the gas out.  And people are getting sick.

Despite numerous incidents of contamination and adverse impacts on public health, companies using fracking were given a special exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act: they don't have to report to anyone which chemicals they're using, in what amounts, and where.

This has to stop.  We have a right to know.

Please join Congresswoman Diana DeGette in calling on Congress to pass the FRAC Act (HR2267).  Sign the petition today!

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    • Sharon Patti NAPLES, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Until water is more expensive then gas, we won't do a thing about fracking!! It will just be another example of big business's screw ups being fixed with our tax payers dollars in the end. An imagine an earthquake in NYC someday...who's gonna clean that up?

    • Denise Denton HASTINGS, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Fracking, factory farms, proposed pipelines across pristine wilderness....Enough is enough!! As if there weren't enough danger in our lives, Congress is all too willing to keep America in the dark about everyday goings on that affects peoples' health DAY IN AND DAY OUT, and keep the PAC $$ in their pockets!! Talk about corporate greed!!

      Congress: start paying attention to the people who voted you in and protect our great nations natural resources, or you just might become one of the millions of other unemployed Americans!! (Highly unlikely, as you'll probably go to work for the PACs that bribed you in the first place!).

    • Melinda Doyle CRAB ORCHARD, WV
      • almost 3 years ago

      I live in an area where I just found out that almost every county surrounding me has had a "boil water" advisory, some since 2003! I think that every single American, especially the ones who PAY for their water,

      should be informed of any chemicals they may be ingesting. Why are we paying to poison ourselves?

    • Maggie Amaya SAN BENITO, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      The question politicians need to ask themselves is why these companies don't want us to know what we're drinking? And why don't the politicians want us to have the right to know?

      With illness and disease becoming more prevalent, and new diseases being discovered, we must be aware of what goes into our bodies. Denying us that information is negligent and dangerous for our health and well-being.

    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • almost 3 years ago

      As they say that the fracking chemicals are safe, but don't want to release the ingredients, I feel that if the top brass of the fracking companies and their supporters in government drank some it would help restore public confidence in fracking.


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