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Actively explore bringing an NFL team to Oregon

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      NFL to Portland

Bringing an NFL team to Oregon would dramatically increase the footprint of this state, bring tax revenue, create jobs and create a multi-use venue that would increase tourism. Portland is the nation's largest metropolitan area that is served by only one of the Big Three Major League sports organizations.

While there is typically a significant public cost to building an NFL stadium, the state of Oregon should actively pursue feasibility studies, projections and explore the possibilities. The study should explore the possibilities of a new NFL stadium-centric development surrounded by ancillary mixed-use development designed to bring multiple benefits to Portland and surrounding areas, including economic, real estate, retail, tourism, entertainment, sports, recreation, cultural and community pride benefits. The signees of this petition support further exploration of this.

John Kitzhaber, Governor of Oregon
We would like you to actively explore bringing an NFL team to Oregon.

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    • Toni Montgomery BEND, OR
      • 1 day ago

      Im signing because I think it would be awesome to see a nfl team in Oregon. I would definitely go to the games.

    • Matthew Everhart BEND, OR
      • 2 days ago

      I would be the biggest OREGON FAN EVER!!!!

    • kyle kirsch VENETA, OR
      • 4 days ago

      Because we needed an nfl team 20 years ago

    • Justyn Nicks WHITE CITY, OR
      • 4 days ago

      It would be AWESOME to have a team here in Oregon. I live in Medford Oregon n I've been wantin a team here for a while. Not excited bout it bein the Raiders but at the same time their not happy down there n it could be a good thing for them. N it would be cool to have it down in Medford or somethin cause then we have a basketball team to bring business to north Oregon n an football team to bring business to southern oregon but at the same time I understand why it would better to put it up there cause there's more people right now. But anyway either way it would be AWESOME to have an NFL team here in Oregon n have Chip Kelley as our head coach again : )

    • Thompsonized CJ PORTLAND, OR
      • 9 days ago

      Im signing because im a raider fan an i live in portland an i would love to see them come to portland


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