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John Kasich, Governor of Ohio

Grant David Thorne a new trial.

    1. sue thorne
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      sue thorne

      akron, OH

David Thorne was deprived of a fair trial in 2000. He was found guilty of murder for hire based on the coerced confession of an 18-year-old acquaintance and was inadequately represented by counsel. He deserves the chance to be properly represented and to clear his name. He is innocent.


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    • Caroline Elwood-Stokes SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 5 hours ago

      As an ex Private Investigator, I have looked through the evidence, the reports, the photos, the Coroner report etc etc. There is more than enough evidence to show the lack of investigation, the poor interrogation, the sloppyness of evidence gathering from the Crime scene, sloppy evidence preservation. The list goes on.. David deserves a re trial and those involved in this murder case i.e Police, Attorney etc should not be involved in any further investigation.

    • Kimberly Vicen ATWATER, OH
      • about 22 hours ago

      I have been friends with David Thorne for 25 plus years. There is no way David would have ever done this, he could never hurt anyone! I have also read through all of the case files seen all of the crime scene photos the evidence just doesn't point to David at all... He deserves a new trial & for all of the evidence to be DNA tested... I wonder how you would feel if he were your father or son being locked up for 15 years for something he did not do. The people handling this case 15 years ago did a horrible job!! I understand everyone makes mistakes, but it's time to make this one right!!! There is a murderer walking the streets!!! There's an innocent man that's given up 15 years of his & his sons life for something he had nothing to do with! Please grant him a new trial and test the evidence!!

    • Dori Bowers CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH
      • 1 day ago

      David Thorne is an innocent man. Period. How about somebody do the DNA testing! David was railroaded by a corrupt and wicked police department. Those individuals need to be looked into. David must be awarded with a new trial. Let's get to the bottom if this case and find out who murdered Yvonne and let David be a free man as deserved!

    • Clarissa Davis AFTON, OK
      • 2 days ago

      I grew up with Joe and he is a protector, but not in a violent way. He wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose and unless someone was physicaly hurting someone he cared about severly, then he wouldnt kill the person, just hold them back from further hurting the other untill they setteled down. I have believed this whole situation is a set up for for years. There are non guilty people in jail serving time for something somebody else did and nobody seems to want to find the true killer and mind behind a tragedy. Let these two return to their families and loved ones. Find out what truly happened and bring justice to this case once and forall.

    • Carol Ferrell RAVENNA, OH
      • 3 days ago

      I agree the case sounds like it was not handled correctly they deserve retrial.


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