Joe Lieberman: Don’t You Dare
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Joe Lieberman: Don’t You Dare

    1. Robin Beck
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      Robin Beck

      Berkeley, CA

Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut says he may join a filibuster lead by senate Republicans in an effort to stop any bill that includes a public option for health insurance.

He’s not just threatening to vote against it, he’s threatening to stop it from getting an up or down vote at all.

Here’s a simple message for him today: Don’t you dare.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to provide healthcare to millions of Americans under an affordable public option. If Joe Lieberman can’t muster the courage to stand behind it, the least he can do is allow it a fair up or down vote.

Send him a letter right now and tell him it is unacceptable to join the Republican’s filibuster and we’ll also send a copy to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid so he knows we don’t want Joe Lieberman as a powerful committee chair or even a member of Democratic caucus if he tries to stop the public option.

Giving basic health care to millions of Americans shouldn’t even be a controversy.

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