Please Grant Dustin Wedel A New Trial or Set Him Free
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Jerry Brown California, Governor

Please Grant Dustin Wedel A New Trial or Set Him Free

    1. Jennifer Landers
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      Jennifer Landers

      Bakersfield, CA

We are here to spread the word of Dustin Wedel’s innocence and the unfair and unjust trial he received. Please keep in mind that everyone deserves a fair trial and Dustin did not receive one. The Public defender that was appointed to Dustin by the Kern County Superior Court of in Bakersfield, California did not allow any witnesses or testimony on behalf of Dustin. There was a doctor who looked over Dustin’s case and had his own evidence proving that, based on what Dustin was arrested for, he was innocent. This doctor volunteered to testify on Dustin’s behalf, but the public defender would not use him. During the trial, there was no credible evidence against him. No adult could say that they ever saw Dustin, hurting this baby. There was nothing proven beyond a reasonable doubt during the trial. 



Back story: On January 3, 2011, Dustin was accused of murder against his girlfriend’s child, 3 year old, James Fanshier. In November, Dustin was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and on December 5, 2013, Dustin was sentenced to 25 years to life. Dustin was dating James’ non-biological mother, Stormy Roberts, on and off in the events before baby James Fanshiers' death. Months before Dustin started dating Stormy, there was evidence that baby James Fanshier had been being abused by his father Eavan Fanshier. This abuse was also taking place while Dustin was dating Stormy. Both Stormy and Dustin told Dustin’s mother about what Eavan was doing to James. Against Dustins advice, Stormy was still allowing Eavan Fanshier visitation with Baby James. Every time James returned home, he had new cuts and bruises. These cuts and bruises were beyond what a child would receive during normal play. The last time that baby James came home from his father’s, which was the day prior to James’ death, James had a cut on his penis and when asked who did it, James said, “Lad did it” (Lad is what James called his dad). Stormy even admitted this during the trial. Dustin was the only one questioned and accused in this case and for some reason unknown to us, Stormy was given immunity by the prosecution. Why would Stormy be given immunity from this case if she did nothing wrong? There are a lot of questions that have been left unanswered in this case. We ask that you look over this case and help get these questions answered and set an innocent man free!

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

Team Free Dustin Wedel

 Here is a link if you guys would like to make a small donation to our cause, please anything helps, gladly accepting prayers and smiles as well. Thank you all very much and please share this post.


Jerry Brown California, Governor
Please Grant Dustin Wedel A New Trial or Set Him Free

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    • Russ Eritano TEHACHAPI, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      His trial was a farce, and he should be given another where witnesses are called on his behalf.

    • Meagan Beeler BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      he didn't recieve a fair trial and this baby and man and his family deserve the truth

    • Kathy Cofield BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 7 months ago

      The baby was abused by birth father the day before he passed

    • crystal brown BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 8 months ago

      dustin wedel is my long time friend since the 6th grade we have stayed by each other over the year , back in 2006- 2007 dustin was at my house 24-7 he lived on my hind-a-bed , I have 2 boys of my own and was looking after my 2 nephew at that time they were 6 mo, 2y, 5y, 7y ,never not one time did dustin ever yell or rise his hand to my boys truefull dustin was always on the boys side ,dustin is a lover not a killer I know frist hand ,and I will stand by his side 100% I LOVE U FRIEND.. AND ME AND THE BOYS MISS YOU LOTS ....

    • Pauline Valenzuela HEMET, CA
      • 9 months ago

      its important to me because its important to a dear friend of mine.


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