Jeju Island of S. Korea!  Punish the "Dog Truck from Hell" and ban the dog meat trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이제그만!
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Governor of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Governor Hee-Ryong Won 원희룡 제주도지사

Jeju Island of S. Korea! Punish the "Dog Truck from Hell" and ban the dog meat trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이제그만!

    1. ParkMarvin K.
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      ParkMarvin K.

      Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Jeju Island. A paradise for human, a "Hell On Earth" for dogs!  

잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이제그만!
See the photos:

Dear Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor Hee-Ryong Won,

The heartbreaking images were captured by a vacationer onboard of ferry from Jeju heading Mokpo on July 23, 2012 and spread like a wild fire online in S. Korea and all over the world. These were appalling images of puppies stuffed in cages on top of each other unable to breath, dogs trembling in fear, dogs biting incessantly on wire cage from extreme distress, dogs with bent bodies totally exhausted, vomiting in terror and agony on a dog truck parked inside a cargo deck of a ferry ship in scorching heat, some already dead.

This case ignited the outrage among the opponents of dog meat trade in S. Korea and the people around the world demanding a firm action by the Jeju and S. Korean authority to end this horrific cruelty. The official response by the Jeju authority was shamefully lame: "There is no provision for punishment for the dog truck. However, we will instruct the dog trucks to sanitize the cages and stuff less dogs into each cages."

We refuse to stand by and be silent in the face of most terrible injustice so called human is perpetrating against the most innocent and helpless animals who are known worldwide to be the most faithful and loving companions to the mankind.

The treatment of these animals and the consumption is not only morally wrong but violating your country's own animal protection laws. As described in this news article  (English translation: opponents of dog meat trade in S. Korea are fed up and calling for the end of the illicit animal cruelty taking place all over the country and especially in Jeju Island known for its natural beauty and tourism but is a "Hell on Earth" for the dogs.

In the Article 2 (Definition), Paragraph 1 of the Animal Protection Law, “Animals” is defined as cattle, horse, swine, dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, duck, goat, sheep, deer, fox, mink and other species as designated by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Therefore, dogs are clearly included in the animals to be protected based on the animal protection law, and the law does not provision only the pet dogs as the subject of protection.

Based on the S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws, dog meat trade is illegal as below and should be banned:

• Article 8 (Prohibition Of Animal Abuse), Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 "No one shall commit the act of killing by brutal methods, such as hanging."
In the Headline Jeju news article, Seo noted, “in this scorching heat hot enough to feel out of breath just seating quietly, dogs are stacked on top of each other without any space to lay their paws in a rattling truck. For many hours, without a sip of water they are left out in the sun hot enough to melt the asphalt and forced to travel for long hours in this horrendous condition. All this action can be clearly interpreted as the admission of killing and intentional with the attitude that ‘they will be killed and eaten anyways so it’s no big deal if they die in the transport’. And he interpreted ‘cruel’ is defined as heartless and very brutal in dictionary and this case of transporting dogs in such a torturous condition enough to make the you think that you would rather be dead that resulted in the death of these dogs can absolutely be defined as heartless and very brutal. Therefore, this case of transporting action clearly falls under the provision of the Animal Protection Act as animal cruelty.

• Article 8 (Prohibition Of Animal Abuse), Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 1 " No one shall commit act of harming an animal with instrument or substance" and Article 8 (Prohibition of animal abuse), Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 2 "No one shall commit act of harming an animal’s body...while it is alive".
Not only the dead dogs but other dogs being transported showed the symptoms of exhaustion and vomiting. This is due to being packed in high density using an instrument called wire cages, causing harms to their physiological function and causing ‘injury’.

• Article 14 (Management Of Abandoned Animals And Protection), Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 "The City, Provincial Governors are responsible to take measure to protect the abused animals and to remove the animals from the abusers."
Therefore, in this case, Jeju government is legally responsible to conduct a thorough investigation of the ownership of these dogs, whether there were any lost or abandoned dogs, stolen dogs and take an adequate protection measures for the abused animals and ensure that the criminals are punished.

We urge Jeju government to prosecute these criminals immediately, to take firm measures to prevent future committal of this type of horrendous crime and to ban the dog meat trade altogether in Jeju Island. Until then, we will not visit your island and we will discourage our friends and families from visiting your island. Most of all, your island will be portrayed as a heartless, lawless, cruel and tragic place to the world.

Most respectfully,

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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Homepage:

Photos of S. Korea's Dog Meat Industry:

Videos of S. Korea's Dog Meat Industry:



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    1. Jeju Island-Watch the video from the "Dog Meat Farm Capital" of South Korea

      ParkMarvin K.
      Petition Organizer

      Watch the undercover video from Jeju Island, the "Dog Meat Farm Capital" of South Korea!
      These dogs don't have a voice but we do and we must speak for them. Please keep sign & sharing petitions against the South Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!
      Please click here for actions you can take to help fight this evil industry!
      Thank you!

      Jejudo - South Korean Dog Meat Industry 제주도 개농장, 개 도살장

      What is the real face of Jejudo, Home to the UNESCO's Triple Crown? Paradise or "Hell on Earth"? Filmed Undercover by Human Action Alliance (HAA) investigator in South Korea during the year and a half long investigation into the South Korean Dog Meat Industry to expose the shocking reality of the $2 billion a year industry that torments and extinguishes the lives of millions of dogs every year.

    2. Reached 25,000 signatures
    3. Mailed signature package to Jeju Governor Geun-Min Woo today!

      ParkMarvin K.
      Petition Organizer

      10/29/2013 - We mailed 22,622 signatures package (includes comments, reports, dvd, news, photos, 3 KOREANDOGS.ORG campaign t-shirts, 2 hats) to Governor Geun-Min Woo of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, South Korea today by international priority mail. Please continue to share this petition as signatures get delivered real time as well. Jeju- home of the UNESCO’s triple crown-is the most scenic and popular island in S. Korea. However, this island is also notorious as “the Meat Dog Capital of S. Korea” for its many despicable dog breeding farms. You can continue to voice against this cruelty by boycotting tourism which is one of their main industry.
      Help us make this video “Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry” go viral! You can also share!

    4. Reached 20,000 signatures
    5. Dogs transport from Jeju, South Korea - Cruel beyond imagination!

      ParkMarvin K.
      Petition Organizer

      Please watch & share how South Korea treats man's best friends (from undercover investigation at Jeju by Stop It! Korea Campaign)

      제주 케이지 (Cage in Jeju)

      인도적 행동연합(Humane Action Alliance) 개들이 케이지 안에 8~10마리, 많게는 12마리까지 겹겹이 쌓여 있습니다. 몇 시간에 걸친 이송 과정 중에서 대부분 탈진하거나 심지어 다리나 꼬리가 골절되기도 합니다. 8 to 10 dogs, even up to 12 dogs are squeezed into a cage.

    6. New Documentary: Shockingly Cruel World of South Korean Dog Meat Industry!

      ParkMarvin K.
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you everyone for signing this petition. We want to bring your attention to this new 19 minute documentary by Stop It! Korea Campaign that exposes the shockingly cruel world of S. Korea's dog meat industry:
      See even more videos from their undercover investigation:
      Please sign other petitions against South Korean dog meat trade:
      Like us on Facebook:
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      Thank you for caring!

      Documentary Dog Meat (Boshintang) by STOP IT!

      Documentary Dog Meat (2013) -English caption is available. The Truth of Dog meat in S.Korea. Director Jung Jeena/ STOP IT! Campaign/

    7. Reached 17,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Rian Alves RJ, AP
      • about 1 month ago

      Por Favor parem com a tortura, por favor pedimos justiça queremos justiça. parem! Justiça pedimos justiça. Por favor ajudem a acabar com isso por favor. Justiça!

    • Thierry Meriaux ARRAS, FRANCE
      • about 1 month ago

      Ce monde humain est réellement pourrie par des crimes envers ces innocents !!! Il faut agir pour la cause animal

    • orquidea ramirez HEREDIA COSTA RICA, HI
      • about 1 month ago

      that need to be a law that protect and enforce animal abuse, in this case especially the dog !!!!

    • maxwell borough KOPENHAGEN, GERMANY
      • 2 months ago

      ALL animals are precious, even far more precious than humans, and have the untouchable right to LIVE!!!!!!!

    • Trix Chan HONG KONG, HONG KONG
      • 2 months ago

      Not only take photo, take your fist to fight them! Arrest them to law!!

      International Humane against any bloody murder, illegal murder animals. Monitoring Government ( salary from our taxers ) execute and take serious action to those bloody murders on animals! Prohibit any bloody sources for food or commodities!

      internet citizen, help to search this bloody murder comes out, take him to the Government, if Korea Government ignore, all citizen against the president come down, it's not qualify as president with humane society!! Global against this president disable in saving animals! No humane to animals!! No Cultural at all!

      Give great pressure to Korea Government, BAN THE DOG FARM, do not let bloody murder no control!Take photo that person, how can you just in front of dog for petition instead of fighting the killer korean?!!!!!

      International Power to ban Korea Bloody Painful to murder dogs, cats, animals! ( Google +, facebook, twitter to mass against bloody murder! )


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