Eric Holder-Department of Justice: Daniel S. Jason should get treatment instead of incarceration.  The criminalization of Asperger Syndrome must end.
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Eric Holder-Department of Justice: Daniel S. Jason should get treatment instead of incarceration. The criminalization of Asperger Syndrome must end.

    1. Joseph Jason
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      Joseph Jason

      Buffalo Grove, IL




Mr. Eric Holder:

Daniel was found guilty on stalking and extortion.  On May 23rd, he was convicted as a habitual offender. His sentencing took place on July 11,2014. Daniel received a sentence of 45 years. Daniel has already suffered being in jails and prsions since March of 2007 except for 4 and a half months.  Most of this time imprisoned can be traced to the Johnson County prosecutor's office.



This would make 55 years plus being previously sentenced to 12 years and a plea agreement of 27 months=69 years for having Asperger Syndrome and non violent crimes.  I am requesting that the Department of Justice look into the facts that there has been cruel and unusual punishment and violations of the American Disabilities Act. Daniel was told to wear a stun belt if he wanted a jury trial.



The crucifixion of Daniel S. Jason in Iowa City, Iowa Posted on September 28, 2013 by josephmjason Overzealous Prosecutors in Johnson County take care of the mentally ill problem by Joseph M. Jason-President NAMI BA   Iowa prosecutors are intending to convict my son and send him to prison again for perhaps 55 years for non-violent crimes.  The trial  was going to commence  October 22, 2013, but there had been a continuance. The trial took place on February 25, 2014 and lasted three days.  The actions of the prosecution in Iowa City are indicative of the criminalization of Asperger Syndrome.   My son was tried at this date for extortion and stalking. My son sent various emails and made two phone calls. These charges are a travesty. My wife and I met with the prosecutor in December of 2012 and explained Asperger Syndrome and mental illness. We explained that our son’s behavior is childlike rather than criminal. We told them he needs treatment and not incarceration.
We gave them a forensic psychiatrist’s report that demonstrates he is not violent. He is a nuisance. We told them that his behavior according to Dr. Mills is typical of one with Asperger Syndrome. We told them he has an organic brain disorder. His criminal behavior consists only of phone calls and emails.  This meeting has made no difference.
   If the Iowa prosecutor’s office was serious about avoiding an expensive trial, they would have offered a humane plea agreement.  Instead they offered an agreement of ten years. During the trial Dr. Mills testified that Daniel has no history of violence. In fact people with Asperger Syndrome are more likely to be bullied.   Daniel did not have intent and is not a stalker. His actions are part of having Asperger Syndrome and not a suitor stalker.  His actions were flawed and ambivalent.  He did not want to contact his ex-girlfriend so he chose a flawed way.  He had her phone number and did not call it.  He was blowing off steam.  Daniel cannot connect the dots.  There is a disconnect between how we feel and how he feels.  Daniel made reference to an embarrasing incident in the Johnson county auditors offce.  This referred to an employee who defecated in their pants.  He was given two counts of extortion for this by overzealous Johnson County prosecutors. 


 Perhaps the voters of Iowa should be told how much it has cost to prosecute and imprison Daniel in Iowa.     The typical offender sitting in Johnson County right now has been charged with robbery, theft, murder, sexual abuse, domestic abuse assault, drug offenses etc.  My son is not a thug, but yet will get the stiffest sentence out of all of them.  It is the criminalization of Asperger Syndrome.       A full one-third of the nation’s states get a D or F grade for using mental health courts and crisis intervention teams (CIT) – diversion programs proven to reduce the criminalization of mental illness, the study found.  Iowa received a well deserved F.   “People with untreated psychiatric disease should be getting the treatment they need before law enforcement shows up at their door because of behaviors caused by their illness,” said Doris A. Fuller, executive director.     I had a deposition earlier this year recently and they tried to twist Dr. Mills’ report. They not only want to lock him away for 55 years, but they extended the time period of the stalking to include the time he has been in jail. That is punishment fit for a major drug dealer and/or murderer. This case, as it always has, cries out for treatment and not incarceration.  I have found a place for my son to live.  It is called Trinity in Illinois and it is an excellent place for people with issues similar to my son.  That is where he belongs.  Daniel was living with us for the entire time and did not go to Iowa. This has not stopped the charges of stalking and extortion. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned that America should be. Daniel has already been in jail and prisons for most of the time since 2007. Dr. Mills has stated that Daniels’s so called criminal conduct is caused by his Asperger Syndrome. “Mr. Jason cannot legitimately be considered morally responsible for his misconduct.” Dr. Mills also states that “The lack of significant history of violence is important.” As stated in the article, Forensic aspects of Asperger’s Syndrome by Justin B. Barry-Walsh and Paul E. Mullen in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, “It behooves us to draw to the court’s attention the obvious: that patients with Asperger’s Syndrome suffer from mental disorder and that their offending and subsequent disposition must be placed in this context. The core features of Asperger’s Syndrome and how they determine what the individual knows and understand of the world should form a basis for sophisticated assessment of the issues of disability.” .NAMI National , Senator Durbin,  and Senator Harkin have been apprised of this situation.. The Autism Society of America believes this to be the most egregious case in the United States.  Even Drew Peterson  and other murderers have received less of a sentence than my son is facing.     Daniel has a brain disorder and needs mental health treatment not incarceration. National organizations such as NAMI and CURE are following this trial.  This typifies everything that is wrong in the State of Iowa regarding the Criminalization of the Mentally Ill and Asperger Syndrome.  This Criminalization of the Mentally ill  must be confronted and stopped.  I have seen and heard the overzealous prosecutors.  It took courageous people to say no to slavery in our history.  We must say no to the incarceration of our non-violent mentally ill.  This is my mission in life.   I have personally endorsed John Zimmerman for Johnson county Attorney.  He gets it.     Joseph M. Jason, President NAMI BA (847)537-3009 Member of Criminal Justice Advocacy for People with Mental Illness Board Member-CURE-Illinois

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    1. Appeal to G-d

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Daniel's new Attorney is working on an appeal. I am trying to provide what assistance I can since I know Daniel better than anybody else. My son has Asperger Syndrome and mental illness. He is a nuisance, but there is no justification to give him a sentence of 45 years for emails and two voice messages. He is non-violent and did not go to Iowa. Judge Miller, Janet Lyness, Beth Beglin, and Chief Hargadine will have their day of judgement before a higher power. In my opinion, the best place to appeal is before G-d. I will also file a complaint against the Judge.

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome Interview on Cooper's Corner

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer
      7 23 14 Criminalization of Asperger syndrome & Mental Illness

      Joseph Jason, President of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Criminal Justice Advocacy for the mentally ill - Board member. Cure Illinois - Treasurer and board member.

    4. This is not my America by Joseph M. Jason-Chairman Criminal Justice Action

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      This is not my America by Joseph M. Jason-Chairman Criminal Justice Action Committee, President NAMI BA, CURE ILLINOIS Board Member.

      Daniel S. Jason got sentenced by Judge Paul Miller to 45 years in prison for having Asperger Syndrome. The amazing thing is that he did not even step into Iowa. All of his communications were from Illinois. He ended up having a bench trial because otherwise he was going to have to wear a shock belt which can knock you unconscious and cause you to defecate. Daniel has not been violent, but like many other people with Asperger Syndrome, he is a nuisance. His ex-girlfriend is embarrassed she had a relationship with him. Daniel does not think he did do anything wrong. The Judge gave him an exceptionally hard sentence because he did know show remorse like most people with Autism.

      “This message is for Cynthia Courter. My name is Fred Thomas. I’ve been sending you emails (to an account that you do not use anymore) and would like you to respond back to me. If you can’t respond back to me I really hope that I don’t have to send your office some really, I don’t know embarrassing information perhaps. So if you can just write back to me and answer my questions that I’ve asked for you I’d really appreciate it. Bye.”

      “Yeah Cynthia Courter, you need to text message me or us email me or seething cause I’m really getting angry and I’m going to tell your employer all your dirty information, all your secrets and if you think you’re going to be really embarrassed you should respond back to me. Bye.”

      Where is NAMI? Where is the Autism Society of America? Where are the citizens of Iowa?

      Iowa has adopted a system that was started in NAZI Germany. Wartime, Adolf Hitler suggested, “was the best time for the elimination of the incurably ill.” Many Germans did not want to be reminded of individuals who did not measure up to their concept of a “master race.” The physically and mentally handicapped were viewed as “useless” to society, a threat to Aryan genetic purity, and, ultimately, unworthy of life. At the beginning of World War II, individuals who were mentally retarded, physically handicapped, or mentally ill were targeted for murder in what the Nazis called the “T-4,” or “euthanasia,” program.

      Iowa knows that people with Asperger Syndrome are prone to be bullied so giving Daniel a life sentence is equivalent to killing him. I told Janet Lyness that in a meeting that she might as well shoot Daniel in the back alley with her proposed charges.

      I accuse prosecutor Janet Lyness, Judge Paul Miller and Police Chief Sam Hargadine for crimes against humanity. They deserve a just sentence in the Iowa Department of Corrections.

      Do you want to know more?

      I recently appears on a cable station on a show called Cooper’s Corner. The link will be provided at a later date for additional information.

      Read the petition also.

      Janet Lyness, County Attorney-Johnson County: Daniel S. Jason should get treatment instead of incarceration. The criminalization of Asperger Syndrome must end.

      Mr. Eric Holder: Daniel was found guilty on stalking and extortion. On May 23rd, he was convicted as a habitual offender. His sentencing...

    5. Non-Violent Son With Asperger Syndrome Given 45 years

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to those who wrote letters to the Judge and have supported me and my family. This is what the Judge thinks of the letters received from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and others. . Daniel was given 45 years for non-violent crimes.
      IA CODE SEC 902.8 & 902.9(3). 15 YRS PRISON EACH COUNT TO BE
      PAYABLE BY 07/11/14.
      This is not the America that I want to live in. This is not the America that our founding fathers would approve of. This is a sad commentary on how we treat our disabled. The battle for justice will continue. I will not bow, I will not break, I will continue to advocate. I cannot forgive nor forget the Judges, Prosecutors,
      or Police Chief of Iowa City and the so called "victim". Your day of judgement will come from a higher power and it will not be favorable.

    6. Continuance

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Daniel was supposed to get his sentencing on June 27, 2014. There is a continuance. Iowa City is a Dome of Injustice that does not follow the laws of g-d.

    7. Seeking a Pro Bono Attorney for a Stun Belt Issue

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      I am seeking a pro bono Attorney who is an advocate and would like to get world recognition in suing Johnson County of Iowa for using stun belts or the threat of using stun belts on people with Asperger Syndrome and in violation of the American with Disabilities Act. This also constituted cruel and unusual punishment and changed a jury trial to a bench trial.

    8. To Janet Lyness-Johnson County Prosecutor

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      I did not see you in the court room, Janet Lyness when Daniel's forensic psychiatrist was in the court explaining Daniel's behavior, but yet you made sure he was going to get 55 years of charges. This is the conduct of an overzealous prosecutor who is not interested in understanding autism.. You will be judged by a higher power and it will not be a favorable determination.

    9. Letter From Daniel

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      A letter from Daniel today stated that "They had me on a shock belt so I got scared and wanted it off so I waived a jury trial. This should be grounds for a mistrial and/or appeal.
      So imagine how their demeanor might have shifted had we strapped a belt around their waist capable of administering a 50,000 volt shock for 8 seconds at a time. An officer with the remote control, sitting just feet away from the defendant, has the power to electrocute a prisoner with a shock so powerful recipients are thrown to the floor and often lose control of their bowels. Juries are not informed that defendants are wearing such devices under their clothes, and remain unaware of how wearing such a device might alter the defendant’s behavior. Is that a fair trial?

      Read more:

      Defendants Forced to Wear Shock Belts During Trial

      If you were sitting on a jury during a murder trial, would the defendant's demeanor influence your ultimate verdict? For most people, that answer is an ardent yes. When we look at some of the biggest trials of our times, the courtroom behavior of the defendants is always newsworthy.

    10. Write a letter for Daniel

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Many people have asked me what they can do to assist in this matter of my son Daniel S. Jason. You can write to Judge and request him to show leniency in the sentencing. You can tell him that NAMI believes in treatment and not incarceration. You can tell him that Dr. Mills believes this is one of the most egregious cases he has even seen and he has testified in thousands of cases. You can tell him that Asperger Syndrome has been criminalized. You can tell him that Daniel has no intent. You can tell him that Daniel is non-violent and does not deserve a sentence similar to those that murder. You can tell him that people should not be punished for organic brain disorders. You can tell him that the whole world is watching his decision. You can tell him that G-d demands that we have the principle of equality before the law.

      The Honorable Paul D. Miller
      Johnson County Courthouse
      417 S. Clinton Street
      Iowa City, Iowa 52244-2510
      Re: State v. Jason, 06531 FECR 099690

    11. G-d commands that we have the principle of equality before the law

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      G-d commands that we have the principle of equality before the law. Iowa City and the prosecutor Janice Lyness do not practice this. A major fortune 500 organization with world impact is now aware of the injustice in Iowa City.

    12. Reached 750 signatures
    13. Iowa Convicts Asperger Syndrome and Mental Illness

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Daniel was found guilty on stalking and extortion. Now he has a trial on April 22, 2014 for being a habitual offender. Yup this would make 55 years plus being previously sentenced to 12 years and a plea agreement of 27 months=69 years for having Asperger Syndrome and non violent crimes. Way to go Iowa. You have shown yourself before the world as to what is wrong with the Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome. My only wish is that Iowa floods again like 2008 with pigs in the river to wash away the evil.

    14. April 11th is verdict day

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer


      Posted on April 10, 2014 | Edit
      More cruel and unusual punishment by Johnson county prosecutor Lyness.

      If Daniel is found guilty tomorrow, Janet Lyness will try him again for being a habitual offender. Daniel and my family have apparently not suffered enough. I have provided testimony a number of times for Washington on the matter of the Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome. In the spirit of Passover, let my people go. Vote for John Zimmerman to end over prosecution in Johnson County. Lyness is not interested in alternatives to incarceration.

    15. Please read my petition again or forward it for signing

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      I have made important updates to the petition.

    16. John Zimmerman for Johnson County prosecutor.

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      03/25/2014- News Release-A prominent social advocate who is President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness BA and a board director of CURE Illinois and Criminal Justice Advocacy for the Mentally Ill personally endorsed John Zimmerman for Johnson County prosecutor. Mr. Jason stated that the prosecution of his son Daniel is the most egregious overzealous prosecution in the United States today. 55 years for phone calls and emails is unacceptable. They do not understand mental illness and more importantly autism.

    17. The Real Story Will Now Come Out

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer


      Posted on March 23, 2014 by josephmjason
      Daniel is not violent. He did not go to Iowa. Here is the media blitz that will show the truth so help me g-d. The prosecutors and the police force and the threat assessment team will be judged by a higher power. They do not understand Asperger Syndrome, but hold themselves to be experts.

      Email from Daniel Jason dated September 20, 2006

      “Cynthia Courter has a history of violence against me at one point she threw a picture frame at me and gave me a bloody nose in a fit of rage in my burge dorm room.


      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer


      Posted on March 16, 2014 by josephmjason
      Joseph I have just perused your blog and petition for Daniel. As an outsider I was appalled at the prospect he might face 55 years in jail ( much longer than most convicted of murder would spend in jail in most countries in the world.) As a co-author of one of the papers you published I was also curious as to the details of what Daniel was alleged to have done and how it could be that this would lead to 55 years particularly if he has Aspergers Syndrome. I trust you have good supportive expert evidence to assist. Regards Dr Justin Barry-Walsh

    19. Closing Arguments

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      Closing arguments are due on Friday March 14, 2014. This is because it was a bench trial. I will shortly be sending you my thoughts and observations of the trial. I wish it had been taped so that advocates around the world would see how injustice goes on in Iowa City, Iowa.

    20. Trial Enters Third Day-Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      The trial enters into its third day. The judge did not allow a continuance for the introduction of Daniel's medical history. This has severely handicapped the defense and Daniel will have to testify himself. I expect to have a number of articles from watching this trial. The mentally ill have the odds stacked against them at trial.

    21. Trial to Start February 25, 2014-Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      My sons trial starts on next Tuesday in Iowa City . I will be there covering the trial for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE). The Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome will be demonstrated to the county and the world. This will show why the United States has 5% of the world population and 25% of the incarcerated. Shame on you Iowa.

    22. Reached 550 signatures
    23. Trial date has been set.

      Joseph Jason
      Petition Organizer

      JURY TRIAL IS SET FOR 2-25-14 AT 9 AM. FINAL PTC IS 2-14-14
      AT 10:00 AM.


    Reasons for signing

    • Jane Scharf OTTAWA, CANADA
      • 1 day ago

      to help stop discrimination

    • Arik Spagat PHOENIX, AZ
      • 3 days ago

      I went to high school with Dan. I can vouch for the fact that he is being misunderstood here. Dan is a really well intentioned man who deserves our compassion and help. I hope and wish he gets the treatment he needs

    • Anne Gruber ALBANY, GA
      • about 1 month ago

      Our son Sebastian was diagnosed with ADHD; Combined Type at age 5, Asperger's Syndrome at age 12 and PDD-NOS as well as Anxiety/ Mood Disorder at age 16. We have been through the gambit! Most of his dx fit neatly into "ASD" by today's standard. Aside from his sensory issues; textures, sights, sounds, smells, he has his "quirks" which we have grown to love. In 8th grade we had to pull him out of our local school system for (reasons, I imagine, most of you are familiar with) being bullied. We home-schooled him using an online program throughout High School. Now 20, and in his second year of college, he excels academically. Sebastian is in the process of earning his associate degree in Psychology and considering Anthropology as a secondary. Although he has a vehicle and gets around very well, he does suffer anxiety when leaving our home unaccompanied. His solution was to purchase a bullet proof vest with tactical plate. He uses this item as everyday wear under his clothing. Some may view this behavior as odd... I view it as overcoming yet another obstacle.

    • David Foxfire GRANITE CITY, IL
      • about 1 month ago

      I've got the same problem myself and the last thing I want to see is cops dragging me away for the crime of being an Ass Burger.

    • Stephanie Brown CARBONDALE, IL
      • about 1 month ago

      Injustice is wrong.


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