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Stop investing in Cluster Bombs, 1/3 of which explode injuring children
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JPMorgan Chase

Stop investing in Cluster Bombs, 1/3 of which explode injuring children

    1. charles parke
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      charles parke

      phoenix, AZ

An increasing number of banks are pulling funds from cluster bomb producers.
“Most of the world has banned cluster bombs because of the severe and long-lasting impact they have. Banks and financial institutions supported by taxpayers and customers to stay in business need to recognize we do not want our money being invested in deadly, indiscriminate weapons that have been banned by most of the world because of the devastation they cause.

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    • CQ Scafidi METAIRIE, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Killing innocent children is unacceptable.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Generally, I don't have to tell people that blowing up children is wrong. Maybe the problem is that, regardless what the law says, corporations aren't people. They can't feel emotions. They don't marry, divorce, struggle to teach children right and wrong. So, Chase, I'm telling you, "Stop it. NO! Bad." There. My dog even understands that. Of course, he's not a corporation. He has feelings.


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