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Pay janitors like Adriana Vasquez, a single mom of three, a living wage

    1. Andrea Mabey
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      Andrea Mabey

      San Antonio, TX

Bank executives continue to enjoy 10% salary increases yearly but they can't do it without someone to clean their toilets. Everyone in the company should benefit when the company is doing well financially especially the janitors.

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    1. Quote by Arin Dube: why CEOs aren't sharing company profits with janitors

      Andrea Mabey
      Petition Organizer

      “Used to be the case that regardless if the person was a CEO or the person who cleaned the CEO’s office, when the company was doing better, everyone tended to do a little better,” Dube says. “That has changed.”

      One reason that’s changed, Dube says, is because today, janitors generally don’t work for the owners of the buildings they clean. Instead, they work for—and collectively bargain with-- subcontractors: often national or multi-national cleaning companies vying to be the lowest bidders for their customers, the building owners.

      “You end up becoming hired by a middle man,” explains Dube. “And that makes it easier for a building owner to not have to pay higher wages when they’re doing pretty well.”

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    3. Vasquez, 37, earns $8.35 an hour and works five hours a day.

      Andrea Mabey
      Petition Organizer

      Her salary is so low she cannot afford to provide her family with basic housing and food necessities.


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