It's Time to Close Prisons in Texas
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Brad Livingston

It's Time to Close Prisons in Texas

    1. Matt Kelley
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      Matt Kelley

      New Haven, CT

Texas' prison population is shrinking. The state has made great strides in recent years to offer community alternatives to long sentences. But with a budget crisis looming, state prison officials are saying they won't consider closing a single prison. Laying off staff and cutting prison programs while keeping 112 costly prisons running is a mistake, and will lead Texas back to the cycle of crime and punishment that build those prisons.

Sign the petition and edit the letter below to urge Texas Department of Criminal Justice Director Brad Livingston to consider prison closings to save taxpayer dollars and protect public safety.

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    • todd blaylock GRAY, ME
      • over 3 years ago

      leaving the prisons open and running just gives cause for unnessesary confinning of people who otherwise would suffice other means of corrections simply for the reason of cost justification close them now open again only if truly needed


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