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It would be easy, and economically advantageous to redesign marine parks and zoos...

    1. Pepucho Lengualarga
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      Pepucho Lengualarga

      Key Biscayne, FL

With todays technological advances in 3D and special affects not only would it free the very animals that are being confined to their detriment and suffering, but it would reduce overhead on the long run.  Instead of tanking (pun intended) a 3D interactive as well as sound, physical affects (water spray etc), smells, wind, and anything else that comes to mind can be simulated quite convincingly. AND ALL WITHOUT CONFINEMENT, SUFFERING, AND ABUSE.  The owners of all these parks and people employed to collect specimens would stand to gain profits and the animals hopefully would be left alone. A park with automated presentations that need little to no employees except ushers and information coordinators would fill the ticket  for both sides. Isn't it time to put to use our present day abilities and end the nightmare of our imprints, both carbon & enslavement? Let us reach now and create the ruckus that will move these corporations who justify their actions with their profit lines, and claim they are helping humanity with an antiquated form of an educational experience at the expense of animals who are being deprived of their freedom and wellbeing. Who's families are being broken, who's very life is being sacrificed completely and absolutely unnecessarily. A Disney type of park experience would be leagues of improvement over what is offered today. An amicable solution is before you, will you once again ignore and refute an easy solution?

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Free all captive animals everywhere in the entertainment industries. A Disney type of 3D interactive experience, with all the bells & whistles and physical sensations could create the same educational imprint on the patron at substantially reduced overhead cost for the for profit corporate owners. A win win on all sides.

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