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It creates impact on Hindu persons in the whole world

Welcome decision by DU in removing article by A.K.Ramanujam frm syllabus

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      NEW DELHI, India


A.K.Ramanujam neither a historian nor written any history book .Reading all Ramayana Versions may be freedom to read , but why insist on making it part of Compulsory Syllabus  ? Infact , In Hon’ High Court, matter is discussed then Apex Court of Country Hon’ Supreme Court of India gave judgment   to remove it with immediate effect and guidelines . Then Academic Council of Delhi University , comprising learned Deans , Heads ,Professors , Elected teachers  and renowned academic  administrators took this decision to remove from Compulsory  teaching as a part of Syllabus with around  95% majority  .

Now, The question arises which mind set of persons behind this  and what is their intention ? Some of them  got strong defeat in court cases  for defaming and tarnishing images of our God & Goddesses’  and freedom fighters .  Still they are not learning lessons and trying to defame Hinduism  under the purview of Freedom of Speech . Freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India comes with reasonable restrictions and is not an unbridled licence to derogate, defame and insult a particular religion or community at large (Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Aruna Roy Vs. Union of India 2002 (7) SCC 368 ) .   


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