Issue Proclamation Declaring August as National Kid's Awareness, Activities & Acknowledgment Month
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Issue Proclamation Declaring August as National Kid's Awareness, Activities & Acknowledgment Month

    1. Lyle Benjamin
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      Lyle Benjamin

      New York, NY


Saying these three simple words could very well change the course of our country on important issues like Nutrition, Fitness, Literacy, Life skills and Public Service.

Together, we can petition Kids, Parents, Business Leaders, Atheletes, Celebrities, Politicians and The President of the United States to proclaim August as National Kid's Awareness, Activities and Awareness Month.  Visit our web site:  www.16ThingsKidsCanDo.Org

Additionally, we encourage emails, letters, and videos from kids around the country expressing their enthusiasm and support for the establishment of this program.

"But to make the impact we need to have this type of sea-change, we need the support of you and your network. So, please take some time to write personal note and send this out to your family, friends and associates. If you can do more — whether it's in the form of a testimonial email or letter, a link on your website or a donation of time or dollars — Every person counts and every bit helps."

        -- Lyle Benjamin, Director
Children are the foundation for the stability, growth and ultimate success of society. Yet all too often they are not given the tools they need to succeed, especially regarding problems they inherit from previous generations. “16 Things Kids Can Do” is designed to provide an on-going network of books, programs, events and activities that educate and empower Kids, People and The Planet to be proactive throughout their lives on a host of fundamental issues ... subjects like health, nutrition, fitness, education, business, volunteering, the environment and life skills. And when kids and people are empowered, they can help change family and peer dynamics as well.

Everyone knows there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day. But how about a Kid’s Day? Surprise, surprise, there is, and the fact that no one knows about it is only part of the problem according to Lyle Benjamin, the Director of the organization “16 Things Kids Can Do.” Benjamin thinks that kids are getting a raw deal from their parents, adults, and society in general ... As this generation of children grows into adults they will contend with an array of the most difficult problems (widening educational gap, global warming, mounting debt, obesity, diabetes, energy crisis, etc.) this country has faced over an extended period of time on core issues such as Nutrition, Health, Education, Environmental and Life Skills.

While parents, schools and religious organizations do their best to educate their youth, there is no concerted effort to engage the children in a unified systematic approach while at the same time acknowledging, educating, and rewarding these children for their efforts in exploring, learning, and working towards solutions to problems they effectively inherited Having the President establish August as NKAAAM coincides with kids, parents and school schedules, and provides a pathway to growth, development, maturity and success that will have significant rewards during the following school-year, and beyond for all concerned.

Each week in August focuses on one of four key issues:
Week 1: Health & Fitness
Week 2: Nutrition & Wellness
Week 3: Public Service
Week 4: Literacy & Life Skills

Organizations, companies, agencies, and associations would sponsor sanctioned events, workshops, seminars, meetings, activities and programs relating to these areas. 

The on-going goals are to:
1) Bring additional attention to these subjects
2) Create educational mechanisms that encourage voluntary participation by kids
3) Acknowledge said participation, and lastly
4) Foster attitudes and environments that help perpetuate commitment to these issues

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    2. We're Getting the Word Out!

      Lyle Benjamin
      Petition Organizer

      We are just getting our Presidential Proclamation Petition going but we still need your help! Please go through your phone contacts and sign them up! It's a great cause and it costs nothing. But it can help a lot of people! Thanks for your support.

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    4. Reaching Our Goals!

      Lyle Benjamin
      Petition Organizer

      Hi all, Thanks for you support of our Petition, but we really need to get things moving forward even faster! Please ask your Social Network to Link in and Sign-Up and together we can make a difference!

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    • Murad Abdulov Баку, AZERBAIJAN
      • over 1 year ago


    • lady torres BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I am mother and children are men and women of the future. They are the seed for world and they to protect for a better future.

    • Eric Marcelino BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Supporting making August National Kid's Awareness Month. There is no better feeling than being recognized for being a student and giving academics your all.


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