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Give me back my son's Joseph, and Nicholas

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      Kimberly Bomstad

      Cambridge, MN

Last summer my older son Nick had me arrested on false child abuse charges, I was never read my Maranda rights, I was interrogaited for over a hour out in the hallway of my apartment building infront of my 6yr old son Joseph at time, and he kept telling the officers to leave me alone I didn't do anything, his brother is a liar, they shoved me to the ground, pushed me against the walls, when I wanted to leave because I wasn't under arrest, they pushed me onto the stairs and told me to stay there or they would tasser me, I tried to show them inside my apartment what happened they told me I had no rights, and I wasn't going to show them a thing, and they wouldn't let me shut off my coffee pot which could of started a fire, when I plead the 5th, they kept questioning me. When my son's dad got custody of Nick, a drug addict that live at home with Mommy, and daddy at 36 yrs old, has domestics because he abused me several times, teroristic threats with weapons, fruad, 5 felonies, drug charges with intend to sell, these are all things that should of terminated his parental rights, but Isanti County, because his parents and mine, that also abused me, I have money and they paid off the county, gave him custody in a "secret" court hearing, the hearing date was sent by mail only to him, at that time forfeited my rights to my son Nick, I was at a Doctor's Appointment in South Minneapolis at the time of the hearing 1-23-13, and didn't know! So now my 7 year old son Joseph crys for his brother, and the police follow me around town and spy on me. Now they took my children , Joseph, and Nicholas because Nick's false charges of child abuse because he wanted to live with drug addicted that really only wants him to make my life a living hell, and I don't even get to see him, and when I call they hang up the phone on me. I didn't know it was a crime to be on welfare, a single parent, and want your children to be safe, and stay off drugs, and not even smoke cigaretts, I don't drink, don't do drugs, or smoke cigarettes, never had!

Isanti County Courts
Give me back my son's Joseph, and Nicholas

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