Held in Switzerland no more Dolphins and Whales!
  • Petitioned Isabelle Chevalley No Dolphin & Whale entertainment in Switzerland

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Isabelle Chevalley No Dolphin & Whale entertainment in Switzerland
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Held in Switzerland no more Dolphins and Whales!

    1. Roger Lattmann
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      Roger Lattmann

      Aesch, Switzerland

The National Council wants to be held in Switzerland no more dolphins and whales may not.

In advising the Animal Welfare Act, he was named a corresponding single application well.
The keeping of Dolphins and Whales do not make sense from an educational point of view, and serve only for Entertainment! The animals were kept in too small tanks. The Music, which they are exposed, is much too loud for their sensitive hearing,and the Coaster near the tank is unnaturally!
Last fall, died in the "CONNY LAND" Theme park in Lipperswil TG (CH) two Dolphins in a Week. Investigations showed that the Brain of these animals had been damaged by an Antibiotic. Since 2008, died in Connyland eight Dolphins. Three of the Marine mammals are still kept there.

We need a Law that bans the holding of Whales and Dolphins at Switzerland. "Conny Land" will introduce new dolphins to Switzerland, and this may come also from the deadly Cove at Taiji Japan!

Here the German Article

Here the English Article

Breaking News - Connyland trying hurriedly to get dolphins out of Spain!

The dolphin and whale German company announced today ProWal morning that the Connyland tried in haste, to get hold another dolphin.

Andreas Morlok, managing director of ProWal: "How do we learn from well-informed internal circuits should have soon become a dolphin transferred from a dolphinarium in Malaga to Switzerland. It is a male dolphin who was born in 2001 in Madrid and since 2006 in the Selwo Marine Park is located in Malaga. The dolphin will be borrowed from Conny country for breeding purposes. An expert from the Netherlands to support the breeding efforts. "

ProWal is betting that the cantonal veterinary office advancing this import attempt a stop and the legislature at its next session which definitely has long demanded by ProWal ban on dolphin decides to Switzerland.

Here The Article (German)

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    1. New protests yesterday 01/04/2012

      Roger Lattmann
      Petition Organizer

      Conny-Land yesterday opened its dolphinarium after the deaths of two dolphins again.

      Many people have protested against this practice in Lipperswil.

    2. Ric O'Barry joins animal-rights activists protest in Swiss Conny-Land

      Roger Lattmann
      Petition Organizer

      Richard "Ric" O’Barry famous dolphin rights activist joins Swiss animal-rights activists demonstrating against alleged mishandling of dolphins at the new Dolphin facility of CONNY-LAND park. (31.3.2012)

    3. Victory for the Dolphins in Switzerland!

      Roger Lattmann
      Petition Organizer

      Sea Shepherd Switzerland and the Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS have actively supported the Liberal Green deputy Isabelle Chevalley in her Swiss parliamentary motion calling for the ban on the import of dolphins into Switzerland.
      Thanks to all People whats have supported this Petition,the Dolphins in Switzerland have won!

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    • Nathan Roche PORTO, PORTUGAL
      • over 2 years ago

      Ban all dolphinaria - worthless, modern-day slavery, early death for the captives and a threat to wild populations. Dolphins must be free!

    • Patricia Randolph PORTAGE, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      Leave our ocean mammals in the ocean now dying because of our cruel abuses of climate and our earth. We the public do not want to see captive wildlife on display and tortured and kept out of their natural environs. In fact, we will BOYCOTT countries and organizations and events that violate our wild and tame brethren. STOP!


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