IRS: No Religion should be Tax Exempt.
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IRS: No Religion should be Tax Exempt.

    1. Travis Lelle
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      Travis Lelle

      Orlando, FL

A religion is a business, and there isn't much room for debate about that. They should be treated as such, and taxed as such. What is the yearly cost of Religious Tax Exemptions? Nearly $71,000,000,000. That's 71-Billion dollars that could go to our nation's well being through healthcare or environmental projects.

We need to be asking ourselves, "Can we really afford taking such a huge dent out of our pockets in the name of Religion?"

If you're like us and you see a problem with this picture, please take a moment to sign this petition.

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      Travis Lelle
      Petition Organizer

      I want to thank everyone who has participated in taking a stand and Petitioning against Tax Exemption for Religion in the USA. Every signature counts, and in the end, 100,000 signatures may just be the beginning for this campaign.

      Thank you again, and help spread the word to friends, coworkers, and families who you feel would agree.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Evan Machnic TALLAHASSEE, FL
      • 11 months ago

      Everyone should have to pay their fair share in taxes, regardless of their religion or non-religion.

    • justin stubbs LOCUST GROVE, GA
      • 11 months ago

      Simply put Separation of church and state.

    • Christopher Dean CLERMONT, FL
      • 11 months ago

      Because religion shouldn't be exempt because of 'offense' or 'freedom'.

    • Adam Manick CANOGA PARK, CA
      • 11 months ago

      They should pay taxes just like everybody else. Calling themselves a religious organization is just a free ride away rom that.

    • jason erickson MOORHEAD, MN
      • about 1 year ago

      I pay taxes and they should too.


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