Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT): Reject the proposed diagonal highway redesigns.
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Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT): Reject the proposed diagonal highway redesigns.

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      Cleverley Farms

The current proposals for the redesign of the intersection at Iowa 330 between U.S. 65 and Jasper County Road F-17 would destroy Cleverley Farms, and with it the livelihood and homes of the Cleverley family. Central Iowa would lose one of its most treasured local farms and sources of healthy, local food. 

The current intersection has already carved up the Cleverley's properties. The current proposals would largely destroy what remains of the Cleverley's land. 

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    2. "Farmer fights for land"

      Farmer fights for land

      A third-generation farmer is going all out to fight to keep his land from highway reconstruction. The controversy surrounds land near Mingo northeast of Des Moines in Jasper County. Cleverley organic farms in Mingo has been a family tradition for 85 years.

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    5. WOI Coverage of IDOT Plans

      For those of us who missed it, here is a link to Larry and the IDOT on WOI news last night.

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    7. Already Signed? Now Contact the IDOT!

      After you've signed the petition, please take a few more minutes to send your personal comments directly to IDOT.

      Here's a link to the IDOT's proposed changes:

    8. Cleverley Farms in Pictures

      Domestica was nice enough to share these beautiful photos with us.
      Here's a link to a gorgeous pictorial blog post of Cleverley Farms, by photographer Dana Damewood.

    9. Want a paper copy of the petition?

      If you want a blank paper copy of the petition for people to sign, please email JoAnna at Please feel free to post the petition in your business, restaurant, office, or wherever!
      We'll also have copies at Saturday's downtown DSM farmers market. If you're willing to take a paper copy to other farmers markets, please tell us!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Mary Brown DES MOINES, IA
      • 4 months ago

      Everything about Cleverly Farms is important for DSM and it's restaurants and his family.

    • Sharon OBrien DES MOINRD, IA
      • 4 months ago

      There are cheaper ways to fix the problem but taxpayers are left out of the decision. Besides all the productive land that will be lost forever, Its ridiculous !

    • Christie Huffaker NEWTON, IA
      • 4 months ago

      Save Money and put in a stop light or J-turn option. Almost every bordering state has them, and they're in agriculture or business districts with plenty of ag equipment and semi's going through them just fine!

    • Clint Huffaker NEWTON, IA
      • 4 months ago

      Farm land is hard to come by these days, especially when owned by small farmers. To add to the difficulty this is Certified Organic farm land.

      Our family owns land at the F17 Intersection with IA-330, which is one of the intersections being considered for construction...

      The ONLY presented option that I will support is a J-turn... SAVE LIVES, LAND, and MONEY!

    • Jacob Larson DES MOINES, IA
      • 4 months ago

      Local, healthy food is so important these days. He is a wonderful man, and I would hate to see a DOT project ruin his livelihood.


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