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      Susy Grenier

      Paris, France


This is the letter you would be sending :

"Dear Sen. Obama

I'm writing with a simple request: attend the UN Climate Meetings this December and rejoin the world's fight against the climate crisis. The need for an international deal has never been greater. NASA's top climate scientists have said that to avoid disaster the planet needs a plan both to cut carbon emissions sharply and immediately, and to steer a long term path back below 350 parts per million Carbon Dioxide.
And time is running out.

The UN Climate Meetings mark a one year countdown to finish crafting an international climate deal. I call on you, as President-elect, to commit to going to the UN meeting in Poland in December 2008 to:

*Commit the US to mandatory reductions of Greenhouse gas emissions that meet the urgency science calls for and transition the US to a clean energy economy.

*Commit to helping developing countries reduce their emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change, and to transfer the technology that will help bring the world to more sustainable economies. Sending this strong signal to the world will help spur the negotiations so that a genuine global agreement meets the seriousness of the problem.

The world is ready for action.
Thank You."


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    • Susy Grenier PARIS, FRANCE
      • almost 6 years ago

      This invitation was originally started by the Nonprofit Organization 350.

      Obama has answered them and the 500 000 invitations urging him to go to those meetings, here's the answer 350 org received and shared with us :

      President-elect Obama just outsmarted us.

      He found a way to accomplish the goal we set out for him, re-engaging the United States in the U.N. climate talks, without having to get on a plane.

      Speaking via (low-carbon) video to a gathering of world leaders, Obama said that the continued existence of George Bush as president would prevent him from making the trip to Poland next month for the next round of international talks. But he'd clearly heard the call for his presence - - including the nearly 50,000 invitations you sent in from every corner of the world that came through the website.

      Here's a key passage from Obama's video statement:

      "Let me also say a special word to the delegates from around the world who will gather in Poland next month: your work is vital to the planet. While I won't be president at the time of your meeting and while the United States has only one president at a time, I've asked members of Congress who are attending the conference as observers to report back to me on what they learn there. And once I take office, you can be sure that the United States will once again engage vigorously in these negotiations, and help lead the world toward a new era of global cooperation on climate change."

      Although we wanted Obama to go to Poland in person, we're overjoyed by the words above - - and pleased to see that he's pioneering fossil-fuel free ways to communicate with the rest of the world!

      Why is Obama's statement such a big success? Because for eight years the U.S. has been blocking genuine progress on an international climate deal. Now, in the middle of economic crisis and with plenty of other issues to address, President-elect Obama took the time to make a special statement committing the U.S. to positive engagement in the upcoming negotiations. His commitment will be seen as a major breakthrough by countries around the world.

      You made that possible through your commitment to this campaign. Politicians don't say "special words" unless prodded, and your tens of thousands of invitations and letters to the editor did just that.

      And now the task of injecting 350 ppm into the negotiations is front and center. Obama may not be going to Poland, but some of the crew behind will be--we'll keep you in the loop as world leaders negotiate our future.  Together, we'll keep building this movement.  Follow this link to check out some of the beautiful 350 actions from India, Chile, Costa Rica, and the USA:

    • B Mer MA
      • almost 6 years ago

      I've joined and want to help you change the planet.
      I notice that the cause that has received the most attention is Global Warming.  I urge you to make it one of your priorities.  I know that there are many competing, but without radical attention the health of our planet will make other issues moot in point.. 

      Congratulation!.. I am with you.

      Betty Wlodyka
      Chilmark, Ma

    • Susy Grenier PARIS, FRANCE
      • almost 6 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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