Investigate LAPD for Police Corruption and Misconduct
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Investigate LAPD for Police Corruption and Misconduct

    1. Jackie VipVegas
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      Jackie VipVegas

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Due to the high level of claims, the residents of the City of Los Angeles DEMAND a thorough and full investigation by the Department of Justice against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for allegations of police corruption and misconduct, which include, but it’s not limited to, excessive force, discrimination, and intimation against LA City residents.  Furthermore, the LAPD needs to be investigated for failing to protect some of its officers, who attempt to report corruption and misconduct within the Department, and/or are victims of discrimination by other officers within the Department.


As of today, the public trust has been shattered and the LAPD is viewed as an organization that no longer provides trust and protection to the residents of the City of Los Angeles.  Thus putting the general public in grave danger since some of its citizens may avoid contacting the LAPD for fear of intimidation, abuse, and/or discrimination, among other things, resulting in residents refraining from reporting crimes or in some cases provide assistance during investigations.  Additionally, this distrust has shed a negative and ill view toward LAPD officers thus putting them in further danger as they patrol our city.


·        The City of Los Angeles and its residents need a Police Department that can hold itself up to its own standards and values


·        The City of Los Angeles and its residents need a Police Department that can adhere to City, State, and Federal Laws as opposed to being above the law. 


·        The City of Los Angeles and its residents need a Police Department that can serve and protect with honor, integrity and with the highest ethical standards


·        Above all, The City of Los Angeles and its residents need a Police Department they can trust!


We ask President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct an investigation to restore the public trust by holding the LAPD to Federal standards! 

We need officers we can trust.  We need good officers who can do their job of protecting and serving the public.


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    2. Decision-maker Patricia Gandara responds:

      Patricia Gandara

      We are not a legal services agency dealing with police midconduct. We do research on racial equity in education. Having CRP on your petition discredits your petition. I wanted to point this out to you since we just don't work in this a...

    3. Correction to previous News post

      Jackie VipVegas
      Petition Organizer

      It was stated that the two women shot are Asian. However, this may be inaccurate. What is accurate is that it was in fact, two women.

    4. LAPD to re-open case that lead to Dorner's firing

      Jackie VipVegas
      Petition Organizer

      So the LAPD has decided to reopen an investigation to look into the firing of Chris Dorner, the former LAPD officer who reported police abuse and was fired for supposedly making a false claim.

      Once again, the LAPD trying to investigate itself. Can we really trust this department to police itself? The answer is NO!

      Police are supposed to be trained to use their weapons, even "under enormous pressure", and are supposed to positively identify their target before opening fire. The police fired OVER 40 ROUNDS into the truck of the two Asian ladies, when they were looking for a 270 lb black male. This is not a case of misidentification, but total lack of identification in the first place. From this instance, it is clear that LAPD is not trying to "bring him in" as they claim, but they are shooting first, so they dont have to ask questions later. At this rate the LAPD will have a higher kill count than the suspect. Will they investigate this as well and fire these cops?

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