Reverse the decision in women's individual epee semifinals
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Reverse the decision in women's individual epee semifinals

    1. William Li
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      William Li

      San Marino, CA

"A controversial stoppage in the second semifinal match in the women’s individual fencing tournament between Germany's Britta Heidemann and Korea's A Lam Shin left a decision in limbo for over an hour before the judges ruled in favor of the former.
Shin held priority with :01 remaining on the clock in overtime of a tied match, meaning she would earn a berth into the gold medal final when the clock struck zero.
Both fencers took to the piste three times, registering three straight simultaneous touches without any time running off the clock.
On the forth instance, Heidemann registered a clean touch and the clock expired, giving her a berth into the finals.
Confused as to how the clock did not go from :01 to :00 any of the previous instances, Shin's coach ran over to the judge's table.
After 25 minutes of deliberation, the judges awarded the match to Heidemann. After hearing of the decision, Shin remained sitting on the piste with her head in her hands."

Further video evidence: 

As logic and reason would dictate, the match should have ended when the one second elapsed and not when the stuck timer was allowed to finish.
It would appear that the officials who deliberated the appeal made a faulty decision that does not uphold the fairness and equality that these games promote. In the spirit of the Olympics, as part of the international community, we ask that the International Olympic Committee re-evaluate the decision made in the match between Britta Heidermann and A Lam Shin. We ask that the accuracy of the tools and qualifications of referees used in these matches to be verified. It is absolutely inexcusable that these timers lack the accuracy found in other events. We hope for this controversy to be rectified and resolved swiftly to maintain goodwill and friendship between the countries involved.  In addition, we ask that reforms be made to the current system for appeals that many governing bodies of different events utilize. An individual or group should not have to pay any sum of money to fix the errors so blatantly made by an official or judge. Though we understand that it is to legitimize the process and to demonstrate the seriousness of the appeal, the image it presents is arguably negative. Many mistaken it for bribery and others find the process unnecessarily lengthy and ludicrous. Something MUST be done to uphold the integrity of the Olympic games.

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    1. Fencing Controversy: 15 year old Timekeeper

      William Li
      Petition Organizer

      It has been discovered that the timekeeping was controlled by a 15 year-old girl. Though I respect the fact that most of the volunteers were and are able to carry out their duties successfully, having something so important under the eye of a child for a world sporting event can be seen as irresponsible.

    2. Shin A Lam refuses Consolation Medal

      William Li
      Petition Organizer

      The FIE has decided to award Shin A Lam a consolation medal for "aspiration to win and respect for the rules." They have more or less admitted their time-keeping mistake yet refuse to make amends properly.

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    • Robert Trudeau IRON RIVER, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      This woman should not have been denied over a technical problem, time itself didn't stop, the clock messed up. They KNOW that the time was actually up, it's a foul way for them to make the decision.

    • Kihapiilani Akui LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 2 years ago

      Because it was the WRONG DECISION. An athlete should NEVER be penalized because someone else on the techinical side couldn't do their job.

    • Amanda Zimmerman GLENSHAW, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      If these decisions are not reversed, countrys, athletes will start seeing the Olympics as a big waste of time and stop attending.

    • Brendon Beatty PITTSBURGH, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      This is a terrible mistake. She won. Case closed. Proof of malfunctioning equipment should be enough. It's sad that our sport has poorly written rules. This girls lifes work shouldn't be ruined because of a malfunctioning time piece.... ITS THE OLYMPICS!!! WHY IS THERE A MALFUNCTIONING TIME PIECE!?!?!?

      • about 2 years ago

      4 strikes in 1 second. That's bull****!!! Shin deserves justice.


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