Arrest Raila Odinga for instigating tribal animosity.
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International Criminal Court

Arrest Raila Odinga for instigating tribal animosity.

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      Team Mwaki

Raila Odinga has consistently made utterances unbecoming of a political leader in a country recovering from tribal animosity. Being one of the principal politician, he has carelessly made public statements in favor of the arrest of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Knowing very well that this two politicians form the biggest opposition to his ultimate political ambition. And by extention by isolationg this two leaders he plans to just as much isolate the two communities the two leaders represent. All in the name of voters equations. All at the expense of the reconciliation of our nation.
It is common knowledge in Kenya that Raila Odinga was the chief beneficiary of the post election violence. Instead of showing statesmanship he has resulted to character assassinations and careless public utterances. It has been aired live to the whole nation as he angrily and in a manner to show violence, vengeance, bitterness and a tone full of hate, attacked his political opponents. This is the same demeanor and posture he displayed all through the post election violence of 2007/8. We are scared as we see the same script being played all over again, if not by the ruthlessness in his eyes when he mentions his opponents.
We the undersigned, in the interest of justice, national reconciliation, and in order to fight impunity by political leaders petition the international criminal court to arrest Raila Amolo Odinga for hate speech and pre-empt his plans to become president by force.

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    • Sam Gathoni NYERI, KENYA
      • over 2 years ago

      when a leader expresses contempt for the institutions that hold our dear Kenya together (Presidency, Courts, Police, Constitution etc.), when that leader shows dictatorial traits thru a 'my way or no way' approach to issues, when I as a citizen feel threatened by him in power......I will use this tool to stop him!

    • nyamu githaka NAIROBI, KENYA
      • over 2 years ago

      Calling Kenyan courts bandia is extremely irresponsible for a "leading" presidential candidate!


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