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Stop using credit score for insurance policy premium

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      Christelene Horton

      West Lafayette, IN

Credit scores have been used by companies to help decide whether to approve a person for a loan with certain terms. Since insurance is mandated by the state and local governments and paid in advance on a monthly basis the option of whether one can decline the service is taken away. Risk for paying a higher insurance premium should not be determined by credit rating (this because elitist) but by driving record. With the state of the economy and the middle class being wiped out, insurance companies have use the ploy of credit ratings in correlation with the likely hood of a person being a bad driver, which borders on prejudice. Using credit score to determine premiums for something that is mandated by the government is an unfair law that benefits the insurance companies and locks every one into a system that they cannot opt out of.

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    • Sareeta Noble BALTIMORE, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      I do not think there is a good enough explanation in the governments part as to why the credit score is taken into consideration.


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