Independence of the Diné People: To allow for the first Indigenous Americans to be an Independent Nation
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Independence of the Diné People: To allow for the first Indigenous Americans to be an Independent Nation

    1. Carlos Dickson
    2. Petition by

      Carlos Dickson

      Tempe, AZ

The American Indians have existed for thousands of years and slowly the Tribes are losing their cultures and traditions, they are being exploited by corporate greed, and other social economic impacts and it needs to stop. The Diné people respect America's form of Government, but it doesn't give the people the immediate changes it needs to protect its identity as a indigenous nation. We have sent many of our warriors to help protect the American Dream and Democracy and we will continue in this proud tradition of helping the United States as partners for Democracy and Freedom.


A firm belief that we can do the unthinkable is in the air. Some are grabbing hold of that small yet unseen thread called CHANGE. We all share the same blood and are descendants of the Diné who first encountered the new comers to their world, we are descendants of the Diné who roam this land after the arrival of those new comers. We are descendants of the Diné who survived the hardships of assimilation and exploitation of the governments that were formed in the awake of the establishment of the new comers. We are the Diné survivors of this new era. Though some many never speak, pray, or even know what is means to be Diné. We have evolved to the many, who now seek to be ONE...We must respect the differences while showing our respect and gratitude to our ancestors and to our history. Don't be ashamed of who you are, what you know, where you are, and where you come from.


We might not see all the benefits of a united people. But we have in our power the ability to try to make sure our children do, so they can see it more clearly then we do... To say its impossible and unobtainable is to uncover are greatest weakness, when our ancestors started with nature, they had no thought of impossibilities, they didn't have any options but to survive. Throughout time one central understanding carried on. That was our ability to evolve with the changing times, our language, culture, customs, and religion changed. And we can change again, to what we think we deserve and that is FREEDOM. The Freedom our ancestors had before the arrival of Europeans. Yes! That Freedom we can have now. We can't live as they did, nor can we bring the past back as it once was... But we can make our people enjoy the FREEDOM of knowing Diné are leading the way, without objectionable influences from the outside world. We move to protect the earth and the central ideas that make us who we are as Diné and respect the long bloodline of a noble yet determined individuals who only wanted the best for their posterity as the world changed with them during the coming of the European Age. Isn't this the Freedom we all want?"

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    • Andrew Johnson LAWRENCE, KS
      • over 1 year ago

      I am signing this because I too am of Diné descent. I feel strongly that our culture needs to be preserved and passed on to future generations. I do believe that this knowledge is very valuable to the world and will help to protect the Diné people. We must learn from our past so that we do not make the same mistakes in the future.

    • Regina Lück GERMANY
      • almost 2 years ago

      The Dine-People need Freedom and Independens. Already always!

    • Deonca Williams JERSEY CITY, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is time the world stopped being eurocentric and give freedom and autonomy to all. Native Americans need to be preserved as they came close to being exterminated by European diseases, warfare, divide and conquer etc. See my petition and video

    • Cristina Valdés MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Each nation has the right to be free and respected. Such rights have been neglected for too long by those who were originally their invaders. It's time to stop this!

    • Deann Trottier WRIGHT, WY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I work and support the coal mines!


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