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Impose Motor Vehicle Penalties to ATV/Recreational ABUSERS
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Impose Motor Vehicle Penalties to ATV/Recreational ABUSERS

    1. Mel MacAllister
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      Mel MacAllister

      Weare, NH

Firstly everyone that sits behind a wheel should understand that it is a privilege and not a right to drive a vehicle. All motorized recreational vehicles trespassing on land posted or signage "no motorized vehicles" to be held accountable to the state by not only a fine but also points against their drivers license. For those under age, the parents should be held accountable/responsible for the actions of the minors and the fine and points should be held against the parent.
Our woodlands, parks and private lands are being destroyed by rogue irresponsible motorized recreation vehicle users both young and old. Fines alone have not worked. The same drivers are found to be repeat offenders time and time again. There are not enough Police, Fish and Game or law inforcement officers available to apprehend all those who choose to break the law. Those who are caught would not find the law weak, therefore they would be less likely to be a second offender.

Here are just a few links to prove the case.  I found these links within seconds of my search.  I quickly realized that this is a global issue.  Why can't we make a change, is it politics? Regardless of what is in affect right now we know if doesn't work.  Please view these links and then choose to do you own searches.  Here is my newest information:

http://www.norbecksociety.com/gpage10.html (dakota) http://www.redorbit.com/news/science/801620/in_a_rut_with_atvcaused_damage_trespassing_riders_ruin_work/ (Illinois) http://www.easterntrail.org/lib/atvart5.html (maine) http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2011/05/tresspassing_by_atv_we_need_to.html  

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    • Michelle Foote WEARE, NH
      • over 2 years ago

      I was out riding one afternoon and was put in a dangerous situation because of trucks tearing up the trail I was on with my horse. We had to find a "safe" place to stay until the vehicles decided to leave which took over an hour. They could not hear me over the loud exhausts and they tore up the trail so badly that it was dangerous for my horse and I to get through. The scary part about it was that they had blocked the way that I had come from as well as the other optional route home. This was frightening for myself as well as my beloved horse. We were both in a dangerous situation where we could have both been seriously injured.


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