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    1. jackie sheeler
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      jackie sheeler

      new york, NY

He is turning NYC into an armed police camp and has repeatedly ordered acts of extreme violence and theft (i.e., coordinated confiscation of personal belongings) against people engaged in peaceful protest. HE BROKE THE LAW IN ORDER TO "SERVE" THIS THIRD TERM AND SHOULD NOT BE IN CONTROL OF THIS CITY IN THE FIRST PLACE. HE MUST BE REMOVED NOW.

I have updated the name of this petition (11/20/11) to reflect the fact that there is no formal "recall" process in the state of NY -- so that we cannot recall an official the way that CA has recalled its governor, or the way that WI recently recalled a number of representatives (and is presently recalling its governor).

HOWEVER! There is a process whereby ANY citizen can petition the state supreme court to remove any elected official for criminal behavior. By his own admission -- his own very public *bragging* -- Mayor Bloomberg directly instructed rank-and-file NYPD officers to defy a court injunction, to obstruct rightful pedestrian passage through public city streets unless that pedestrian held a CORPORATE ID (one woman showed her US Passport, and that was not good enough) for a local business on the morning of November 17th.

These are criminal acts, anticonstitutional law-defying acts, and they are well documented. And there are far more examples of this mayor's blatant, even contemptuous disregard of the laws of this city, of New York State, and the United States itself.

I am working on developing the proper language to bring this case before the state supreme court, as any individual citizen has the right to do. However, I am not a lawyer -- if you are, or if you have some legal training and are interested in supporting this effort, I would be deeply grateful for your help.

Please spread the word far and wide -- while this petition in and of itself is not enough to dislodge this criminal mayor from his position, thousands or tens of thousands or HUNDREDS of thousands of signatures in support of the impeachment of Bloomberg would not go unnoticed by the courts. 

Thank you!


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    1. General Bloomberg's Private Army .... in his own words

      jackie sheeler
      Petition Organizer

      This is exactly why Michael Bloomberg must be removed from office: he views, and uses, the NYPD as his personal Praetorian Guard, for the benefit of himself, his friends, and his girlfriend (who sits on the Board of Directors of Zuccotti Park -- and because of whom OUR tax dollars were used to violently evict peaceful protestors from a public space).

      Sign! Share! March!

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    3. Recall Bloomberg is now IMPEACH BLOOMBERG!

      jackie sheeler
      Petition Organizer

      thank you all for signing! please keep the momentum going, and continue to share the link with your communities, both online and off. I am heading over to the Bloomberg Mansion right now, where a "Drum Circle Protest" has been scheduled for 2pm, and will be distributing flyers and cards about this effort.

      the petition description has been updated -- too long to include in this message -- to reflect a different approach. because there is no formal recall process in NYS (such as those in CA and WI), we will instead petition the state supreme court under section 36 of the PBO to IMPEACH Bloomberg for the many well-documented crimes he and his tool Ray Kelly have perpetrated in their attempts to suppress peaceful protests in NYC. (i am seeking legal guidance in creating the appropriate language for this petition, please contact me if you can help with that.)

      thank you again for signing the petition and supporting this effort. LET'S KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!

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    • Ryan Hoffman NY, NY
      • almost 3 years ago

      For the unlawful eviction of peaceful protesters at Zuccotti park, where the following were violated: Deliberate negligence of the State Supreme Court restraining order issued at 6 am, the code of conduct for a free press, the first amendment of peaceful protesters assembling on public property, and the barring of the public from his 8am press conference. There were also numerous cases of police brutality, notably among elected city council members, destruction of medical supplies, unlawful arrests, and violations of the 4th amendment, all under his direction.

    • Walter Lewallen RED SPRINGS, NC
      • almost 3 years ago

      Bloomberg is a threat to our country and health and well-being of the population.

    • Tyler Larson GRAND FORKS, ND
      • almost 3 years ago

      He is a blantant law breaker who claims the publicly paid police force to be his personal military, to use against peaceful citizens! What a disgrace to America! THROW THE LAW BREWAKER IN PRISON, because that's where law breakers go.

    • Mark Anthem NEWARK, NJ
      • almost 3 years ago

      He donates millions so he can bribe his way into office and steal billions. Not cool.

    • Tina Huston PARKER, CO
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm not a registered voter in New York but I'll sign. People, we have got to STOP voting multi millionaires in to office. They will never have the people's best interests at heart. Also, private citizens can participate in the testing of ballot polls to ensure they are not rigged. Get involved in your local election.


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