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Impeach Rick Scott

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      Laura Strickland

      Neptune Bch, FL

Florida's Freshman Governor has overruled voters, refused to sign laws to eliminate pill mills and turned down federal funds. And that's just the beginning. He is really picking on the state workers, including teachers!

It isn't enough for Florida's freshman Governor, Rick Scott that he just signed into law the "Student Success Act," which creates a merit pay plan tied to student test scores for Florida teachers while ending tenure for new hires. He wants more, first our money and then possibly our blood and/or urine! 

Gov. Rick Scott is proposing to overhaul the state's pension system for tens of thousands of teachers, police officers and other state and county workers by requiring them to contribute to their retirement accounts and by not offering the pension plan to new workers. The initial budget allocations have been given and reality is going to hit hard.

The House intends to balance the budget on the backs of school employees by using “pension reform” requiring teachers and state workers to contribute 5% of their salary to their retirement.  This is a 5% cut to their disposable income no matter how you slice it. The Senate would exempt those making less than $40,000 a year from a retirement contribution

But his newest scheme is to drug test state workers. You know, the ones who haven't had a raise in four years and who are about to have their unions shredded and their pensions hollowed out. In an executive order issued Tuesday, Scott directed the agencies under his control to implement the policy within 60 days. He said it should “provide for the potential for any employee … to be tested at least quarterly,” including senior management.

But the ACLU of Florida said Scott’s order “attempts to resurrect a policy previously found unconstitutional by a federal judge in a 2004

… Howard Simon, ACLU executive director, said in a statement Tuesday, “The state of Florida cannot force people to surrender their constitutional rights in order to work for the state. Absent any evidence of illegal drug use, or assigned a safety-sensitive job, people have a right to be left alone." the state would shoulder the cost of those tests. But there's a catch. The state already tests nearly every worker anyway.

Leaving aside the privacy arguments there's a cost factor. By some estimates, it could cost state taxpayers $3.5 million to pay for the $35 tests, though maybe the state could get a deal with a lab company

Florida's new governor, is also one of the founders of Solantic, the urgent care chain.  One of the more popular services at Solantic, is drug testing, according to Solantic CEO Karen Bowling.  Given Solantic's role in that marketplace, critics are again asking whether Scott's policy initiatives - this time, requiring drug testing of state employees and welfare recipients - are designed to benefit Scott's bottom line.

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    2. Laura Strickland
      Petition Organizer

      What a difference a few weeks and a few thousand citizens can make!
      1. Rick Scott was in the news this week proclaiming how he had been trying to unload his interest in Solantic since he was elected in November. But after several ethics complaints were filed, a deal should be finalized by April 29, 2011.
      2. And despite Scott's objection of "invasion of privacy" the Florida drug database has been given the "green light" from the Department of Health. Killing the database had been a top priority of Scott, but the program is mandated by statute and is moving forward now that the legal issues have been resolved.
      3. After this petition was written, Rick Scott ordered a 15% cut to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. As of Thursday, Rick Scott rescinded the executive order for the immediate cuts and reached an agreement with Legislature to fund the agency the $30 million dollars it needs to maintain operations through June 30.
      4. However, education is still a problem. is a great website with information regarding the continued problem education in Florida, which is ranked at the bottom in spending. Somehow, our Legislators can't find the funding for education. They legislate class size (but don't fund it), legislate the busing/transportation (but don't fund it) and offer more money to private schools through vouchers. The latest voucher issue is called an "education savings account." Yesterday, the Education Savings Account Bill, which takes 40% of the states per-pupil spending and deposits it into an account that may be used for private school tuition, tutors or a college savings account. This would be devastating to our public school system. In 2006, the Florida Supreme Court ruled against vouchers, stating that taking taxpayer money to finance private school education is unconstitutional. We must speak out against this newly named "Education Savings Account" !
      We must hold our legislators and our Governor accountable!

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    • Bernadette Boyle ORLANDO, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      He is a menace to Florida. He is a product

      of Republican backlash resulting from having a Democrat in the White House who is just trying to fix the last Republican nightmare,George W. Bush.

    • Lynn Landseadel SPRING HILL, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I've never seen such blatant disregard for the contituents' wishes as I've seen with this governor. I've been a nurse in the public schools for 21 years and this year it has become unbearable to work there. Since when did teachers become the enemy? What does this man want? Why did he turn down stimulus money that would have created jobs?

    • Frank Kos JUPITER, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Rick Scott is a Bad Man! He is a dumb stupid retarded F*ck nugget, who can't get right in his head. Why did the public vote in this lying s.o.b.?

    • Annette Fencl APOPKA, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      If you have to buy your position then there is something wrong with our political System for a narciisstic egotist to be elected to one of this country's most influential states. Pass the Sun Rail!

    • christiaan scott VALRICO, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I totally dis-agree with a gov who would eradicate teaching jobs here in fl. But has the audacity to change the "welcome to florida" signs with his name underneath ? After 4 years they would have to be changed again. I Didn't vote in the primaries cause I thought alex sink was going to win. And now He wants to perform drug testing on welfare candidates, by a company to which he used to run. Which is now being run by his wife, so now he get's paid while the rest of us get shafted ? and Now un-employment agencies are asking in-depth questions into how we look for jobs ? impeach this guy please We'll do it legally if necessary he has to go.


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