Immigration Minister Chris Bowen: Bring Omid to Australia, Don't let Omid die on Nauru.
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Immigration Minister Chris Bowen: Bring Omid to Australia, Don't let Omid die on Nauru.

    1. Scott Stewart
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      Scott Stewart

      West Brunswick, Australia

Don't Let Omid die on Nauru. Bring Omid and the other Asylum-Seekers to Australia for processing. Close Nauru and Manus Island and stop the inhumane treatment of Asylum-Seekers.

It is feared that Omid Sorousheh, the 35 year old Iranian hunger striker on Nauru, may be close to death.

On the 26/11/2012 Omid, who has been on hunger strike for 46 days, was returned to the Nauru detention camp late yesterday (Sunday 25 November), when the Nauru hospital declared that it was no longer able to care for him.

This (Monday) morning he remains in the camp surrounded by four security guards. Omid has been refusing water and he also self-harmed in the Nauru hospital on 24 November.

“Omid has only one or two days. We think that he will die,” one asylum seeker on Nauru told the Refugee Action Coalition.

In a statement, released by Omid yesterday, Sunday 25 November, Omid said, “I will not stop my hunger strike until they transfer me back to Australia or I will die here [on Nauru]. What is the difference between me and the others who come [to Australia] after 13th of August [and who will] be given bridging visas and be released to Australia. But me and 399 more must be stay here in [Nauru] in a very bad

Five other Iranians are on their 26th day of hunger strike. Thirty others began a hunger strike on Friday. Some of them have been refusing water are also refusing medical treatment. One of them has collapsed and is reportedly too weak to walk.

All the hunger strikers are demanding that Nauru be closed and that all asylum seekers on Nauru be returned to Australia to begin being processed.

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    1. Important Protest for Omid currently detained in Brisbane

      Scott Stewart
      Petition Organizer

      Please help us get the word out about this important protest to support Omid in his fight for processing of his asylum claim. He is currently being detained at the Princess Alexandria hospital in Brisbane. SAVE OMID!

      EMERGENCY RALLY TO SAVE OMID! Solidarity with Nauru refugees on hunger strike!
      5 December at 17:30
      Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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      EMERGENCY RALLY TO SAVE OMID! Solidarity with Nauru refugees on hunger strike! | Facebook

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    2. Latest on Omid

      Scott Stewart
      Petition Organizer

      From Pamela Curr:

      Omid is now on Day 51 of a hunger fast.
      Yesterday he was taken from Nauru hospital to the tent camp- the Nauru government do not want him dying in their hands.
      Later the same day Omid was returned to the hospital- the Australian government do not want him dying in the camp.
      Under the Migration Act the Minister in Australia can authorise treatment even when a person does not agree
      This is not the case on Nauru.
      If Omid stays on Nauru no one can or will save his life.

      This will be the first person to die on a hunger strike under Australian eyes.
      Australians have raged at their government about the cruelty shown to sheep and cattle.
      Is the life of a human being seeking Asylum seeker less than the life of a sheep or cow?

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    • Maleah Gridley AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      I'm ashamed to be Australian when this is happening under our government. Put an end to this discrimination and treat all people with the respect and care they deserve

    • Jane Gilchrist AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Your Refugee policy is a mess, because you let the Opposition set your agenda

    • Bronwyn Vost ENMORE, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      We are diminished as a nation by our inhumane treatment of refugees. I understand the desperation felt by this man. Prime Minister Gillard, I do not support cruelty like the Nauru detention centre happening in my name.

    • Kaia de Burgh AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      He has sufferred enough and Australia isa rich country that could has benfit from many cultures adding value to our heritage. Enough suffering and politicians start leading,

    • roslyn evans BENTLEIGH, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Chris Bowan,You can't let this poor depressed refugee die.Show some compassion. Fly him to Australian hospitial today.Show the other refugees on Nauru that you have a vestige of humanity


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