IGFA: Please Recognize and Reward Rodney Ply's World Record Striped Bass
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IGFA: Please Recognize and Reward Rodney Ply's World Record Striped Bass

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Rodney Ply caught a once-in-a-lifetime fish as a registered member of the Mustad Hook-a-Million competition, but was denied the world record and the prize money because the IGFA ruled that the umbrella (or Alabama) rig is not an eligible lure. However, no rule existed against the lure's use, and the only mention of it in the rulebook exists only for saltwater trolling. As a result, Ply, who did everything by the books in catching this unbelievable fish, was denied the record and in turn, the $1 million prize from Mustad, which is the reward for catching a world record on one of their hooks.


This petition exists in the hopes of achieving at least one of two goals:

1. The IGFA revisits their ruling upon the appeal, realizing that Rodney was not trolling and the fish was caught by all legal methods. The IGFA should revise the ruling for umbrella rigs that are cast in freshwater (versus trolled). Otherwise, since there was not a rule on the IGFA books for this situation before it happened, make the exception for Ply and award him his deserved record, which would automatically grant him the prize money.


2. To Mustad: Award Ply the $1 million prize regardless of the IGFA's decision, recognizing an unbelievable record catch on a legal lure that used only your hooks, and was taken by all legal methods on a scale that the IGFA certified. To punish an angler for doing nothing but landing what should be a state and world record is unfathomable, and the fan feedback from taking such actions would result in incredible support for your great company.


Fans, please join us in signing this petition and let's help Rodney Ply get his recognition and his deserved reward. He should feel nothing but joy for his amazing catch and instead, right now, he remains at a total loss for words. Just think- what if it were you in his position? Let's help Rodney Ply! This is one instance in which the people have the power to actually change one person’s life for the better.


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    • Lemuel Swicegood SILOAM SPRINGS, AR
      • 4 months ago

      This man deserves the recognition for what he has done. It is the ultimate dream of any outdoorsman to land such a trophy and to do it on LEGAL bait that you created is even better. He used your hooks, was entered in your competition and he deserves the prize money, bottom line. I have used the hooks exclusively for some time and will be keeping up on the answers produced. I can't in good heart support a company that does not stick up for their customers.

    • Alex Rome GRANBY, CT
      • 8 months ago

      I like fishing

    • Christopher Morrow SPARTANBURG, SC
      • 8 months ago

      This is what fishing is in it's basic sense. He made a lure and caught a fish.

    • Steven Golden TAVARES, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Do what is right by this person.

    • Danny Glover SNOW CAMP, NC
      • 9 months ago

      As a fisherman it is a dream to catch a fish of this quality and not be in the record books is a shame and if the IGFA does not do this than shame on them.


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