ICE, Stop the deportation of this injured Cancer survivor
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ICE, Stop the deportation of this injured Cancer survivor

    1. Hilda Penuelas
    2. Petition by

      Hilda Penuelas

      North Hills, CA

Update [12/23/11]: Huge progress! Earlier this week, Hector was released on Humanitarian Parole! While he will still be fighting deportation - and will be wearing an ICE-issued ankle monitoring bracelet - Hilda is thrilled he will be home for the holidays. Hilda says, Miguelito, [Hector's grandson, who is pictured] didn't even want to go to daycare because he didn't want to leave Hector's side". We will keep the petition open, as Hilda is unsure what the current terms of his release are and he is still facing deportation, but this is huge progress. Hilda sends heartfelt thanks and blessings to the over 20,000 of you who supported her family and pushed for Hector's release!


Hector Ortega-Valladares is a cancer survivor. He underwent surgery to remove a malignant mass and for about two years he underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment. As a result of the toxic cancer treatment, he now suffers from after-effects, such as chemo/foggy brain, sterility, brittle bones, etc.

On October 2004 in Honduras, he suffered an aggravated assault for his political views from supporters of an opposing political party, which is now the party in power after the 2009 presidential coup in Honduras. There were relatives of a police officer involved in the attack. He suffered broken ribs, kidney damage, a head contusion, and facial injuries. It took him two months of convalescence to partially recover. Consequently, though Hector did file a police report, no arrests were made; instead, he got death threats. As soon as he felt strong enough, he fled his country in fear of losing his life, seeing that his government was unwilling to protect him.

On February 2005, after a month of traveling across three countries, he crossed the Mexico-U.S. Border in Texas. He was arrested but wasn’t asked if he was afraid to return to his country and he didn’t know that he could have petitioned for asylum. Two days later, he was given a Notice to Appear written in English with a court date and location “to be set at a future date.” He then got released with ICE's knowledge that Hector’s relative lived in California and that, in order to escape poverty and homelessness in Texas, Hector intended to travel to and live in California.

He started working up to two construction jobs a day to support his two children left behind in Honduras; to pay pending debts back home, and to support himself. He does basic construction work but is also very skilled and creative. He was very sought after for employment because of the unique designs that he would create  in making waterfalls, designer pools, sauna rooms, and any architectural designs his bosses would ask him to do. He dealt with the fear of cancer recurrence, he kept suffering on and off the side effects of the chemo and radiation treatment but without medical insurance he just had to grin and bear it or take unpaid sick days when the pain was severe enough.

On October 2005, he met Hilda, a single mother of two. She is a United States citizen who works as a Medical Assistant. They were planning on buying a home and getting married on December, 2011, even though She has multiple chronic debilitating medical conditions he stayed with her in order to provide for her and her children the moral and financial support they need, He has been a good influence on Her U.S. Citizen children, the youngest will be graduating High school in 2013, the oldest is a single mother of a 4 year old boy the only father figure that boy has known is Hector.

On June 12, 2011 he got stopped for driving without a license in San Fernando, California, though his truck did have insurance. He got arrested, and on 06/14/11, ICE went to pick him up stating that he had a 04/21/05 deportation in absentia order issued in San Antonio, Texas. The news caught him and his new family by surprise. On 07/04/11, he fell down while in ICE custody. He fractured his left elbow which is his dominant arm (the fracture probably a result of the brittle bones from the Chemo), and despite requests from his Lawyer to ICE for Humanitarian release, he spent six months and one week at the Musick Jail in Irvine, California with inadequate medical care. As a result, his left arm is now shorter than the right one, in addition he was a victim of a violent attack while in custody.

He has such a peaceful, helpful, generous, happy personality despite all the setbacks he's encountered. He is a people magnet, He has the gift of healing and he can't' say not to a friend in need. 

On 12/02/2011 Hector and Hilda got married in Irvine, California.

An appeal for the denial of the Asylum petition is currently pending.

After spending six months and one week in jail Hector got supervised release on 12/20/11, we are very grateful for it but would like to ask ICE to remove the monitoring requirements and to stop Hector's deportation altogether, a petition for his legal residence has been submitted and a response from USCIS is pending. 

Hector is grateful to this Country for allowing him to live a peaceful life, to be a productive member of society and to help raise responsible, educated, respectful children. He is sorry for any mistakes he may have made during this process it was never his intention to disrespect the Courts. He asks for compassion from the pertinent Officials.

We humbly urge you to sign the petition as a show of support for Hector's cause.

Please invite your friends to join us in requesting the complete freedom of this responsible, friendly, well respected, God fearing family man, by also calling:

DHS MESSAGE LINE                             (202)282-8495

JEH C. JOHNSON                                (202)282-8000


ICE MESSAGE LINE                              (202)732-3000

JOHN SANDWEG                                     (202)732-3100

CONGRESSMAN BRAD SHERMAN        (202)225-5911

                                                      FAX (202)225-5879

SENATOR BARBARA BOXER                (202)224-3553

                                                      FAX (202)224-0357

SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN              (202)224-3841

                                                      FAX (202)228-3954

                                                      FAX (415)393-0710


FOR DIRECT COMMENTS                     (202)456-1111

TO LEAVE A MESSAGE                        (202)456-1414


CARLOS ODIO, STAFF FOR PRES. OBAMA AT THE WHITE HOUSE.                                                                                                                                (202) 503-5712                                                               


Recent signatures


    1. Reached 25,000 signatures
    2. Hector is driving! Happy Labor Day weekend! :)

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      I am happy to report that despite numerous denials of Petitions from the Immigration Courts we are still standing.
      Hector received his Employment authorization card, his Social Security card and last but not least was able to obtain his Driver's License just this past week.
      Hector will be medically cleared to start working on Sept. 1, 2012.
      I have received new debilitating diagnosis from my Specialist but I also received new therapies so I have renewed hope to get better soon.
      We are being cautiosly optimistic but after the last trying 14 months we feel that the Universe is getting in alignment with us and we share this good news with all of you so that you can tell other people in our same situation that not all is lost, to keep on praying , believing, holding their heads high and supporting each other.
      Thank you all for your support, Please encourage others to sign my petition as we need to keep asking for removal of his monitor and for Suspension of Deportation, keep us in prayer.

    3. HAPPY NEW YEAR INDEED! Hector out on supervised ICE release on 12/20/11

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      Hector was released just in time to be home for the Holidays and to join in the joyous celebration of my Grandson's and my Son's birthdays.
      Options for Hector's much needed medical care are being sought and I hope that life will return back to normal.
      You are great allies and we are blessed to have you . This victory was accomplished in part thanks to your kind support and we hope you know how much we appreciate it.
      Hector still lives with uncertainty facing deportation but I am thrilled to say.


      "We are two halves of the same soul, happily bound together by a united everlasting love
      My dreams came true when I met you, You've been my shelter in stormy times,
      My strength to meet life's challenges, We had a great beginning , but the best is yet to come...
      I will love you forever. I have perfect faith in us,
      and I'm looking forward to continuing the joyous journey that we've been on together for six years.
      May there be many more."
      ~Joanna Fuchs~

    4. Huge progress! Hector released on humanitarian parole before holidays

      Jackie  Mahendra
      Petition Organizer

      Update [12/23/11]: Earlier this week, Hector was released on Humanitarian Parole! While he will still be fighting deportation - and wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet - Hilda is thrilled he will be home for the holidays. Hilda says, Miguelito, [Hector's grandson, who is pictured above] didn't even want to go to daycare because he didn't want to leave Hector's side. Hilda sends heartfelt thanks and blessings to the over 20,000 of you who supported her family and pushed for Hector's release. She will keep the petition open, as she is unsure what the current terms of his release are and he is still facing deportation.

    5. Home for the Holidays? Not for Families Split by Immigration Detention

      Jackie  Mahendra
      Petition Organizer

      This week many people are putting the finishing touches on their holidays plans, packing suitcases, buying gifts and preparing guest rooms for the arrival of loved ones. But some families are mindful of that extra chair at the dinner table that will...

    6. Just Married!

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      Because you've shared in our lives with your compassion and your support, we are very proud to share our happy news.
      were married in a small wedding on Friday December 2, 2011 at 3 0'clock PM in Irvine, California.

      "From this day forward, You shall not walk alone.
      My heart will be your shelter, And my arms will be your home."

      Hector is still detained in fact he was a victim of a violent attack this past Sunday. But getting married was a small and joyous victory to us.

      We would like to extend our gratitude to other petitioners that have been a major source of support to us, we encourage you to please read and sign their petitions if you have not done it already.
      Hilda + Hector

    7. YOU gave us 20,000 reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving!!

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      My petition reached it's 20,000th signature yesterday thanks to you and the team.
      This is giving us the strength to go on. I have read each one of your kind comments and they made my heart glad.
      Hector called on Sunday he was very depressed but when I gave him the good news about my petition he sounded like his old self again with renewed hope and stated his gratitude towards each one of you. Please forgive me if I am not able to respond to your comments individually.
      We do keep you in our prayers.
      Your kindness during this difficult time is truly appreciated. Thanks again.
      Hilda, Hector and Family

      "Let us be grateful to people who makes us happy -they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom".~Marcel Proust

    8. Reached 20,000 signatures
    9. Hilda's Belated Birthday Present!! 15,000 Signatures gathered today!!

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      My Birthday was on November 16, there was no celebration because unfortunately Hector is not home yet, but your understanding and show of support during our crisis made for a sweet belated present.
      I cannot thank you enough for all you did (and continue to do) to help us get through this difficult time.
      Most Sincerely

    10. Reached 15,000 signatures
    11. YOU made it possible, 1000 Signatures today

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      Our Family is so grateful and encouraged by your show of support to my petition
      _ ICE Let this injured cancer survivor come home to His family in California _
      It motivates us to keep pressing on despite the obstacles, please keep spreading my petition as we still have a long way to go.
      Words cannot express the gratitude in our hearts towards you and the team.
      Hilda, Hector and Family

    12. Reached 1,000 signatures
    13. La Opinion Profiles Hector

      Rachel LaBruyere
      Petition Organizer

      La Opinion (the biggest Spanish daily newspaper in the country) tell's Hector's story amid the bigger story of denial of asylum petitions in the United States. There are many immigrants who fear return to their home country - Yonnie Carrizo is another immigrant being denied asylum who is fighting his case on -

    14. With YOUR help we reached 500 signatures today!

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      Hello Everyone,
      I would like to express my appreciation for your incredible show of support to
      ICE Let this injured cancer survivor come home to His family in California.
      Today we reached the 500th signature!!!
      Please continue to share the link to my petition.
      Your kindness towards us at this time of struggle in our life has been so encouraging.
      Thank You.

    15. Reached 500 signatures
    16. Briefing Re-schedule request from BIA, and Hector's health update

      Hilda Penuelas
      Petition Organizer

      I want to thank each one of you for standing with me in asking ICE for Hector's release while the Immigration Courts decide His petitions, His attorney informed me that She has not received all the documents regarding Hector's case from the Court in Texas, therefore She is going to ask for more time to turn in Her Brief which originally was scheduled for November 1st, 2011. I went to visit Hector this last Saturday,He still has that beautiful smile but I could also see a look of desperation on His face while He was telling me that He doesn't want to be in there anymore, He then lowered the collar of His uniform and I could see that He has signs of scratches and bruises on His chest and on His right arm, I asked Him who did that to Him, He responded that He couldn't tell me because all type of communication is monitored and He could get in more trouble if He tells, needless to say I fear more for His safety now. Keep spreading the word about my petition please and pray for us. Thanks!

    17. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Rebeca Barba JOLIET, IL
      • 18 days ago

      Its important to me because I know someone that go deported and had the ankle monitoring bracelet

    • Virgilio correa POMPANO BEACH, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      I am petitioning for my wife. What an obstical course. Immigration reform is highly needed!

    • Special Sanders MCGEHEE, AR
      • about 1 month ago


    • Brenda Frantz CALDONIA, MI
      • 2 months ago

      What does the United States stand for if not a refuge for those who stand up to bad governments? Is it because Halliburton isn't involved?

    • Hilda Davis GLOUCESTER, NC
      • 2 months ago

      With all the illegals Obama has allowed to enter our country, he should be allowed to stay.


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