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I will read at least one book to each of my kids

    1. James Young
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      James Young

      Austin, TX

When I read to them, we accomplish so many things at once.

When I read to them, we accomplish so many things at once.

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    • Jennifer Dossett LUCEDALE, MS
      • about 6 years ago

      I will start as soon as it is a cell, but for now I read to myself and others!

    • Brandon Frischmann ROCHESTER, NY
      • about 6 years ago

      well I will read to my kids when I have them but right now I read to my nieces and nephews

    • Greg Bowen CLEARWATER, FL
      • about 6 years ago

      The development of children into adults who can actively participate in the world is dependent on literacy. Do not expect your government or church to see to it your children can read and comprehend their native language. Children must be inspired by their parents to understand the importance of literacy and the many joys that can be found between the covers of a book. Not only should we read to our children, but we should read for ourselves where we can be seen by our children, as they will ultimately emulate us. Leading by example is the best place to begin.

    • E S HEMET, CA
      • almost 7 years ago

      Reading is so important for our children. I read to my daughter who has Autism everyday; It usually seems as if she is not paying attention at all. Then one day I was reading her a book that I have only read to her twice, and she started talking about what was going to happen next! All on her own! It proved to me that even if you think your kids aren't paying attention when you are reading to them, they really are!!

    • James Young AUSTIN, TX
      • about 7 years ago

      Initiated this Action!


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