• Petitioned I want the school in my town to take more action against bullying.

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I want the school in my town to take more action against bullying.

I want the Anti-bullying inforced,

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      Gary Dassow

 Everyone needs to realize that the schools are required to investigate. if you don't like what the school does, it is called harassment and you can file charges against the child and their family. Make copies of ALL bullying that is done electronically and take it to the police. If people don't take a proactive stance they are not doing enough. Sitting around complaining never solved anything. Asking a child to stop is like doing nothing. Sometimes things go to extremes because the PARENTS don't do enough. Schools can't police everything. Expecting them to do is like expecting YOU to sit at home and monitor everyone's behavior that comes into your house..... and sometimes that is impossible. So, as you sign this petition KNOW that if you haven't pressed charges against the other child(ren) for harassement maybe you haven't done enough either. Let a judge tell the other child how horrible their actions are.


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