I believe that pigs should be treated humanely!
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I believe that pigs should be treated humanely!

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      Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

As an animal welfare organization we believe that animals should be treated humanely while they are on farm, while they are transported and when they are slaughtered. 

There are an estimated 27 million pigs raised annually on 7,000 farms in Canada.

Pigs raised for food on factory farms spend their entire lives indoors in some type of confinement housing.

Confinement causes extreme stress and frustration. Sows (female pigs) are kept in the most confining pens, either “breeding stalls”, “gestation stalls” and “farrowing crates” for the majority of their lives to ensure they produce the most piglets at the lowest cost for the farmer. When confined they are limited to lying down, standing up or sitting, and may only be able to walk a few steps forward and back; they typically do not have enough room to turn around or to engage in natural behaviours that are important to their well-being.

The direct result of the CFHS’s tireless efforts for the last three years on the development of the new Code for pigs is that we secured more than 100 clear requirements that all farmers in Canada must adhere to including:   

    ·       A ban on construction of new barns that do not provide group housing (effective July 1st, 2014);

     ·       A ban on conventional stall systems that continuously restrict sow freedom of movement (effective July 1st, 2024);

     ·       The mandatory use of anesthetic and analgesic when castrating piglets over 10 days of age (effective immediately);

     ·       The mandatory use of analgesics when castrating or tail-docking piglets at any age (effective July 1st, 2016);

     ·       Requirements for all pigs to have multiple forms of enrichment to enhance their physical and social environments (effective immediately);

     ·       A ban on tethering of pigs (effective immediately).

The Canadian Pork Council has committed to incorporating the requirements outlined in the Code into their on-farm assessment program Animal Care Assessment program.  The CFHS will hold them to this commitment.

Compassionate choices are a critical step toward improving the welfare of pigs in Canada. 

Consumers have made retailers aware that they want humanely raised animal products.  Retailers are pushing the market harder than ever to completely eliminate gestation stalls!  Major retailers such as Tim Hortons, Loblaw, McDonalds and the Retail Council of Canada are eliminating sow stalls from their supply chain!  We need to keep up the pressure.

As a consumer you have the power to improve the lives of pigs in Canada.

In addition to signing this petition you pledge to:

    1. Educate your friends and family about the industry accepted conditions pigs are raised in.

    2. Demand that the Canadian Pork Council follows through on its commitment to incorporate the requirements outlined in the Code into their on-farm Animal Care Assessment program.

    3. Refuse to purchase inhumanely raised pork products.  Ask for humanely raised pork products at your local grocery store or choose an alternative until humanely raised pork products are available.



Canada's pork industry
I support the humane treatment of pigs and expect that only humanely raised pork products are sold in Canada!

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      Be sure to watch W5's expose on the inhumane treatment of farm animals; Saturday, December 8, 7 pm Eastern. Check local listings: http://www.ctvnews.ca/w5/

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    Reasons for signing

    • Aysha Bull VICTORIA, CANADA
      • 2 days ago

      Meat is murder

    • Audrey Verite BLOOMINGTON, MN
      • 4 days ago

      i want see these pigs treated nicely and give them more room so can sit and move around and let them walk outside freely than stuck in cages for hours hours for years not right . make animal cruelty a felony. i want see cages bigger too and no more mean treatment to these baby pigs . that is so heartless of them and they are dead soul and spirit what happening people hve no compassion , respect for god. he made them he did not put on earth for you people to abuse and torture them. u suppose to love and cherish these animals as god created them. what shame no one have respect for god. he watch you people doing he will judge you people. i believe if people abuse animals can lead to abuse to their families and children im not surprised about this. thats true i believe that. i want see changes . arrest these people and bring to justice and why abuse them not right. copy cat china people are u ?? or are u join the devil not god?? think about this. this is big big shame and embarrasment to us. where is morals, compassion and respect??? only devils will do this horrible actions. good heart people would not do that to them. shame stupid farmers and people. no excuses for that behavior they have problems with anger issues then dont work there fire them. i would fire everyone and change to better treatment for them and make them happy no depressed. they all look sad and depressed how u feel someone do that to you people. wake up

    • Breanne Hope ARGENTA, CANADA
      • 5 days ago

      It matters.

    • Arleen Gerlinsky WINLAW, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      Blissful ignorance is not acceptable.

    • Diana Gillies NAKSUP, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      All food and animals are important to life.


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