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"My family and I use the library every week. We attend story time, check out books, music and movies, and request material on topics ranging from photography to home gardening. I love how the library offers knowledge, free of cost, to anyone that is interested."

- Emily Daniel, South St. Louis county

Libraries are critical to the fabric of a community. It is time to make sure we maintain the quality of service long provided by our St. Louis County Library.

The St. Louis County Library system’s 20 branches provide much more than just books. The libraries are community resources and gathering places – hosting civic meetings, providing a safe and educational center for kids, teens, and seniors, serving the community with services from free computer classes to summer reading programs. But now, the quality of service long provided by the St. Louis County Library is at risk – we need your support!

Proposition L - an initiative to increase the current tax rate from 20¢ to 26¢ - will appear on the November 6, 2012 election ballot. The St. Louis County Library has not asked for a property tax increase in nearly 30 years – since 1983. Library tax funds can only be spent to improve Library facilities and operations and with the condition of buildings deteriorating, expenses rising, and demand growing, it is time to give the library the additional funds it needs to maintain its facilities and services that the St. Louis community expects and relies on.

Pledge to support the largest and busiest library system in Missouri.

Paid for by Citizens for Our Library and Our Community, P.O. Box 7141, Chesterfield, MO  63006

Richard “Skip” Mange, Treasurer

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