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I Oppose the Re-Appointment of DPP Director David Tanoue - he has displayed True Colors!

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      Save Haleiwa Beach Park Coalition

I Oppose the Re-Appointment of DPP Director David Tanoue.  

Director Tanoue and his immediate office staff who obviously met secretly with developer interests to destroy the work of the PAC and rewrite sections of the SCP to support the massive urbanization projects in Malaekahana and Turtle Bay.

Director Tanoue undermined the North Shore SCP by removing significant requirements that were in place to prevent rapid and inappropriate development in Haleiwa town.

It is essential for the city council and the new city Administration to reassess this appointment. Please consider Mr. Tanoue’s inappropriate usage of his position to manipulate after the fact several Sustainable Planning processes after massive community contribution and expensive planning contract has been expended.

This is an obvious abuse of the position and warrants a NO vote from the City Council and the Mayor’s office!


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