I am Rommy Rodriguez and I beat my eight month old puppy to death it took me 30mins. Plz help me get justice for this poor innocent puppy.
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I am Rommy Rodriguez and I beat my eight month old puppy to death it took me 30mins. Plz help me get justice for this poor innocent puppy.

    1. Tiffany  Walaski
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      Tiffany Walaski

      Middletown, United States

I started this petition because I am an animal lover and am completely against the abuse, neglect and cruelty against any kind of animal.  People that abuse animals have been proven to eventually hurt and even murder people.  We do not need nor does any moral person in this world want to have criminals such as this walking the streets. This woman was heard by her neighbor beating her puppy for 20-30mins. The neighbor said that she could hear the puppies cries loud at first then eventually the cries got weaker and weaker then all together ceased.  Once the cries from the puppy stopped a few minutes later the neighbor saw Rommy Rodriguez exit the rear of her home with a garbage bag in tow and buried it in her back yard.  The neighbor later dug up that bag and found an 8month old poodle puppy dead inside.  The neighbor then took the puppy to the local vetrinary hospital.  The vet there stated that the puppy was killed by blunt force trauma and suffered a horrible death. Rommy Rodriguez was arrested but let go on personal recognizance and a court date for early December was made for her return. So I hope that there is at least 50,000 people that feel the same way I do on this matter and support this petition. I will be sending this petition to the Superior Court Bldg. in Bridgeport, CT on November 30, 2013 to ensure it reaches the judge in time. Due to the fact that they did no say her exact court date.

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      • 11 days ago

      This piece of scum needs to pay for her wickedness!

    • candra conner LOXAHATCHEE, FL
      • 11 days ago

      i love Animals

    • Roxanne Scudiere CENTEREACH, UNITED STATES
      • 12 days ago

      She needs to be beaten to a pulp

    • tara freemole PORTLAND, OR
      • 12 days ago

      She deserves a long hard sentence especially since she will do it again

    • Donna Ryan SAYREVILLE, NJ
      • 12 days ago

      Please impose the maximum allowable sentence for Rommy Rodriguez. If she can inflict this kind of senseless cruelty on a tiny, innocent animal, I believe she is capable of much worse. It is time to stop letting animal abusers go with a mere slap on the wrist. Our society needs to stand up and let these people know that this will NOT be tolerated.


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